Core and Your Requirements

>> Please note: As the document of authority for all students, the Course Bulletin is your guide to the departments, programs, policies, and courses at BU. Requirements listed in the Bulletin take precedence over information found elsewhere online and in print.

Core and the College Program

Degree candidates in the College of Arts and Sciences must complete requirements in the foundational skills areas of WritingForeign LanguageMathematics, and in the breadth areas of General Education.

Here is how Core fits into these requirements:

  • Completion of the full 8-course Core Curriculum fully satisfies the CAS General Education requirements; Core courses also can be taken individually to satisfy particular Gen Ed requirements in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences.
  • Students who elect to take fewer than 8 Core courses are able to satisfy their remaining Gen Ed requirements by completing courses from the Divisional Studies list.
  • Completion of the first-year Humanities sequence (CC101 & CC102) satisfies the first half of the CAS Writing requirement.
  • Students who complete a second-year sequence in Core — either Humanities (CC201 & CC202) or Social Sciences (CC203 & CC204) — receive credit for the second half of the CAS Writing requirement.

Core and your Major

Additionally, certain Core classes may satisfy requirements credit in your major, providing exemption from required courses:

  • For Anthropology majors, CC203 & CC204 together count for AN101.
  • For majors in the Joint Concentration in Anthropology and Religion, CC203 CC204 together count for AN101.
  • For Classical Studies majors, with CL advisor approval, CC101 CC102 together count as a four-credit course towards the Classical Civilization major. (Taking these classes does not preclude a student from taking any other CL class.)
  • For English majors, CC101 CC102 together count for EN221.
  • For History majors, CC101 CC102 together count for HI101, and CC201 CC202 together count for HI102.
  • International Relations majors who complete both CC203 CC204 will get credit for one class in either the International Systems & World Order track or the Regional Politics & Cultural Anthropology tracks.
  • For Comparative Literature majors, CC101 & CC102 together count for XL222; and CC201 & CC202 together may be substituted for one of the required XL 300-level courses.
  • Philosophy majors who complete all four Core Humanities courses (CC101, CC102, CC201, and CC202) receive credit for PH150 or PH155; and CC203 CC204 together count for either PH253 or PH254.
  • For Political Science majors, CC203 counts for PO392.
  • For Religion majors, CC101 CC102 together count for one of the 2 required 100-level RN courses.
  • For Sociology majors, CC203 CC204 together count for SO100.

Please confirm all information concerning degree requirements and course equivalencies with the appropriate department. If you have questions at any time, please contact the Core staff or Chris McMullen (the Core advisor) at the CAS Advising Center.

>> Consult the Undergraduate Programs page on the CAS website for additional and up-to-date information about options for satisfying your CAS requirements.

A note about transfer credit

Students applying to receive transfer credit equivalency should be advised that equivalency to Core courses is given only for transfer courses whose reading lists correspond closely to those in our current classes. Students are encouraged to determine whether other departments in CAS offer courses that are more similar; a list of courses and their descriptions can be found at the Undergraduate Programs webpage.