Core and Your Major

Your degree concentration equips you with in-depth knowledge and skills. However, your major is only one part of the broader CAS program, the whole of which comprises study in the humanities, the natural and computational sciences, and the social sciences. Along with additional coursework in mathematics and in foreign language, this range of courses prepares CAS students to lead fulfilled and examined lives and assume roles as creative and contributing members of society. Core offers you a way to satisfy these divisional requirements, and acquire a solid liberal arts foundation for your field of study.

Core for Students in the Natural Sciences or Pre-Med

If you’re majoring in one of the computational or natural sciences, or are a pre-med student, you can use Core to take care of your Humanities and Social Sciences requirements, while also completing your Writing requirement. By taking CC 101 & 102 (first-year humanities), you’ll get credit for the two required General Education (Gen Ed) Humanities courses. If you take CC 112 & 211 (social sciences), you’ll get credit for the two Gen Ed Social Sciences courses. With the math and science courses you’ve had to take for your major, your Gen Ed requirements will be complete! Since you’ll be taking courses in both years of the Core, you’ll be able to take advantage of one of the major components of the Core experience – the sense of community that develops among the students in the program.

Download a factsheet specific to your major: Anthropology | Astronomy | Biochemistry & Molecular Biology | Biology | Chemistry | Computer Science | Earth & Environment | Marine Science |  Mathematics | Neuroscience | Physics | Pre-Health

Core for Students in the Humanities

If you’re majoring in one of the humanities, Core is a great way to get a leg up on coursework in your major, while completing the other components of the Gen Ed requirements. CC 111 & CC 212 (natural sciences) taken together will satisfy the Gen Ed Natural Sciences requirement; if you take all eight of the Core classes, you’ll have also satisfied the Gen Ed Mathematics & Computer Sciences course requirement. The Core Social Sciences, CC 112 & 211, will meet the Gen Ed Social Sciences requirement. Completion of the second-year Core Humanities course, CC 201, will give you credit for WR 150.

Download a factsheet specific to your major: Archaeology | Art History | Classical Studies | English | World Languages | Comparative Literature | Music | Philosophy | Religion | Romance Studies

Core for Students in the Social Sciences

If your concentration is in the social sciences, you can use Core to complete your Gen Ed requirements while also complementing your education with the study of science, art, and music. CC 111 & 212 will satisfy your Gen Ed Natural Sciences requirement, and if you take all eight Core classes, your Gen Ed Math & Computer Sciences course requirement as well. The Core Humanities – CC 101, CC 102, CC 201, and CC 202 – will give you credit for the Gen Ed Humanities requirements as well as the CAS Writing requirement.

Download a factsheet specific to your major: Anthropology  | Archaeology  | Economics | History | International Relations | Linguistics | Political Science | Psychology | Sociology

Core for Students in Other Colleges

Just as students in colleges outside CAS can take CAS courses to fulfill their Writing and Liberal Arts requirements, Core classes can also be used to satisfy these requirements. And of course, students in any college at BU can take Core classes as electives, as a way of complementing the particular professional or technical sequence of their degree program.

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