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Construction Progress

May 4, 2004

Behind the shroud, about 200 workers representing each of the building trades are applying their skills daily.

On May 3rd, the first lab bench was delivered to the site!

Workers in the low and upper penthouse levels are installing the major equipment that will support the building's operations. Major pieces of the cooling system were hoisted into the upper penthouse from the Mass. Turnpike during the overnight hours this past weekend. Duct work has been installed to the 8th floor. Plumbers and electricians are installing the main, lateral services to the 7th floor while others are installing the trunks that serve the lab benches on the 4th floor.

Elevator installers have begun the installation of the three elevators. Once the service elevator becomes operational in June, the hoists located along Cummington Street will be removed. That will allow the installation of the bay window and the construction of the office cluster.

The rough construction of the exterior wall is nearly complete and the finish work is well underway. Window frames have been installed in the 6th floor. Masons arrived this week and the installation of red brick has begun.

On April 10th, the University, Turner Construction, and Boston Building Trades held an open house to recruit women to the building trades. Participants met with several of the project's subcontractors and discussed training and employment opportunities.


If you wish to see real time video of the construction progress, please click on the camera icon above.


The building of 187,000 gross square feet is being constructed between Cummington Street and the Massachusetts Turnpike, on the site of the former Nickelodeon Cinema.

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Cell Molecular Biology
  • Neurobiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Bioinformatics

Cannon Design is the architect with Turner Construction Company serving as construction manager. Occupancy is scheduled for Spring 2005.


Some disruption should be anticipated in and around the project site. For the duration of the project, traffic on Cummington Street will be affected, as this is the only route to supply the construction. It is anticipated that a portion of the street will need to be closed to provide for the delivery of material needed for the construction.

  February 9, 2005
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