Donor Roster

The College of Communication is grateful for the support of alumni, faculty members, staff, families and friends who made a gift between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. These gifts to the COM Fund, the Student Film Fund, special projects and other named scholarship, student-award and targeted funds help us advance our global reputation as a premier communication college.

Gifts this past year helped the College support student clubs and organizations, facilitate student and alumni networking opportunities, upgrade facilities throughout the College and send faculty members and top students to national conferences and regional film festivals to showcase their prize-winning work.

For more information about how you can join our growing list of supporters, please contact us at 617-353-5017 or make a donation online at We would love to welcome you to our donor family.

$100,000 AND ABOVE

Terry L. Andreas (COM’64)
and John Hewig ν ν

Andrew R. Lack (CFA’68)
and Betsy K. Lack ν ν

Brian Maddox Lilly (COM’89)

George D. Lilly (CGS’54, COM’56)
and Denise L. Lilly ν

Kevin T. Lilly (SMG’90, COM’97, GSM’97) and Laura Lilly





Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bobb ν ν ν

Jeffrey I. Greenstein ν

Colleen W. McCreary (COM’95)
and Andrew McCreary ν

Hugo X. Shong (COM’87, GRS’92)
and Yan C. Luo (CFA’90) ν ν

Al Silverman (COM’49)
and Rosa T. Silverman (PAL’51) ν ν

Marcy Syms (COM’75) ν ν



Sandra Frazier (COM’01) ν ν

Lawrence W. Hackett (COM’83) ν ν

Sumner M. Redstone ν

Michael R. Rozen (CGS’58, COM’60)
and Toby S. Rozen ν ν

George F. Schweitzer (COM’72)
and Kate K. Schweitzer ν ν

Michael P. Simon (SED’77, ‘82)
and Margaret J. Simon ν ν ν

Alessandro F. Uzielli (CGS’87, COM’89) and Kimm R. Uzielli

Andrew J. Weigl and Bonnie L. Weigl ν

Illana B. Weiss and Jed A. Weiss ν



Dawn S. Adelson (COM’92) ν

Bonnie R. Arnold (COM’78) ν

Paul A. Bankson (COM’57)
and Roberta C. Bankson ν ν

Bonnie E. Barber (COM’86) and
Robert Dallis (CAS’86, SED’90, ‘02)  ν

Candy A. Bergantino
and Joseph A. Bergantino ν ν

Carol A. Bischoff (COM’82)
and Robert M. Regan ν

Peter M. Black ν

Shauna D. Brook (COM’97) ν

Christopher Brooks
and Jill Brooks ν ν ν

Christopher E. Buck ν

Harold Burson ν ν

Elizabeth M. Butson (COM’60) ν

John H. Carlson ν ν

Paul Chen (COM’87)
and Grace Chen ν ν

Kwok Yee Chui and Chi Keung Lo ν ν

Gail J. Cohen (COM’78) ν ν

Steven B. Crystal ν ν

Lewis G. Curtis (CGS’53, COM’55)
and Wendy W. Curtis (CAS’57) ν ν

Rosemary Davidson
and W. Lindsay Davidson ν ν ν

Lauren S. Donner (CGS’69, COM’71)
and Richard D. Donner ν

Robert I. Evans (COM’68, SED’71)
and Carole S. Evans (CAS’69) ν ν ν

Itchko Ezratti ν ν

Maya Ezratti (COM’98) ν

Thomas E. Fiedler (COM’71)
and Sue B. Fiedler ν ν

Gary R. Fleder (COM’85) ν

Emily V. Garrett and John D. Garrett ν

Nancy Giles and Robert H. Giles ν ν

Richard J. Gordon ν ν

Donald R. Granter (COM’59)
and Sharon Granter ν

Alana F. Hackel (COM’02) and
Joshua E. Hackel (CGS’00, SMG’02) ν ν

Richard A. Heinick (CGS’85, COM’87)
and Karen L. Heinick ν

Bonnie S. Hammer (CGS’69, COM’71, SED’75) and Dale Heussner ν ν

Kimberly L. Heyman (COM’97)
and Lazarus S. Heyman ν ν

Dwight R. Hilson (COM’81)
and Mindy B. Hilson (SAR’77, ‘82) ν ν

John R. Hipple (COM’88) ν ν

Jane L. Hirsch (COM’84) and
Kenneth P. Hirsch (SMG’83, GSM’86) ν ν

Kathleen E. Imbesi (COM’96)
and Anthony M. Imbesi ν ν

Beth C. Jaffe (COM’78)
and Nathan E. Jaffe ν ν

Pamela S. Jantzen
and William E. Jantzen ν

Bruce E. Johnson and Georgia M. Johnson ν ν

Edna E. Kaplan (COM’88)
and Donald M. Kaplan (MED’73) ν ν

Seth Karp ν ν

Kathleen M. Kearns (COM’87)
and Richard Kearns ν

John F. Kelliher (COM’60)
and Margaret R. Kelliher ν ν ν

James A. Kent (COM’86) ν

Paul E. Kidwell (SAR’78, COM’80) ν

Justin Kloseh and Keirnan Kloseh ν

Raymond L. Kotcher (COM’79)
and Betsy K. Kotcher ν

Paul A. La Camera (COM’66, MET’74) and Mimi La Camera (SED’68) ν ν ν

Barry Lo (CGS’11, SMG’13) ν ν

Lloyd Malchow and Soo L. Malchow ν ν

Damelys D. Marin ν ν

Linda McDougald ν

Walter T. Middlebrook (COM’76) ν ν

Dominick F. Miniaci (COM’69)
and Meike Miniaci ν

Catherine E. Nardone (COM’86, ‘87) ν

Richard E. Nicolazzo (COM’69, ‘73) ν ν

Melody L. Norwood and Tom Norwood ν

Ygal Ozechov ν ν

Matthew Piers ν

Stewart B. Randall (COM’80) ν ν

Luis F. Rangel (COM’90)
and Isabel C. Sadurni ν ν

Andrea R. Reiser (COM’88) ν

Jay Roewe (COM’79)
and Elizabeth H. Roewe ν ν ν

Scott Rosenberg (COM’85) ν

Elyse D. Rosenfield (COM’07)
and Andrew C. Rosenfield ν

Michele M. Schiele (COM’89)
and Christopher J. Iannuccilli ν ν

Thomas R. Schoenenberger (COM’72) ν ν

Denise Sedor and John A. Sedor ν ν

Nicole T. Sinkys (COM’99)
and Alexander Sinkys ν

Fonda Snyder (COM’85) and
Lawrence I. Weinberg (COM’86) ν ν

Roger L. Van Oosten (COM’85)
and Jeanna M. Hoyt-Van Oosten ν

Julie A. Vitek (COM’91) and
Mark G. Vitek (SED’94, SED’02) ν ν ν

Michael B. Wasserman (GSM’76)
and Carol S. Wasserman

Etta R. Weigl ν

Ilana J. Weiss ν ν

William O. Wheatley (COM’70)
and Carolyn C. Wheatley ν ν

Mary Jane Wilkinson (COM’75) ν ν

Stewart J. Winter (COM’89)
and Molly R. Winter ν

Donald K. Wright ν ν ν

Aibai Wu ν ν

Erica H. Yount (COM’98)
and David M. Yount ν ν



Justin T. Akers (COM’01) ν

Christine Allen and Christopher Allen ν

Christian Bailey ν

Tamara Banar (COM’88)

James H. Barron (COM’80)
and Marjorie M. Arons-Barron ν

David I. Begelfer ν

Thomas P. Black

Brett T. Brinker (COM’91)

Douglas N. Brown (COM’78)
and Jennifer L. Brown (CAS’91) ν

Peter R. Brown and Deb J. Robi ν

Purley P. Burge (DGE’50, COM’52)
and Rosella Burge ν

Maryann C. Calia (COM’86)
and Domenic A. Screnci (SED’84, ‘92) ν

Sean T. Carlson (COM’05, CAS’05) ν

Jennifer A. Celotta (COM’93)

Rachel S. Cohen (COM’84)
and Vito Desario ν

Bruce M. Cohn (COM’78)
and Elizabeth Cohn ν

Barry A. Dobyns and Lydia J. Dobyns ν

Heather A. Elder (COM’91)
and John K. Elder

Margery A. Elsberg (COM’65)
and Stuart Elsberg ν

Elan Z. Ezickson

Bruce J. Feirstein (COM’75)
and Madeline R. Warren ν

Wendy C. Fitzgerald (COM’83)
and Thomas P. Steinharter

Kevin P. Foley (COM’78) ν

Bruce E. Fox and Mary Jo G. Fox ν ν

Bruce A. Freniere (COM’76)
and Margaret M. Freniere ν

Zeena P. Garber (PAL’53, COM’55)
and Donald J. Garber (CAS’51) ν

Mary D. Gauthier (SAR’81)
and Bradley R. Gauthier ν ν

Keith S. Glickman (CGS’08, COM’10) ν ν

Leonard P. Goldstein (COM’91) ν

Bryan M. Hanssen (COM’93)
and Kerry A. Hanssen (SAR’94, ‘95)

Paul W. Heldman (COM’73)
and Deborah Heldman

Robert W. Hickmott (COM’76)
and Diane M. Hickmott

David J. Hines (SMG’57, COM’66) ν

Warren S. Hoskins ν

Osborn Howes (COM’52)
and Laura W. Howes ν

Pearl Kang and Teddy Kang ν

Matthew J. Kelly (COM’93)

Phyllis J. Ketter and William B. Ketter

Heesuk Kim and Yunmi Kim

Lester A. Kretman (DGE’61, COM’63)
and Kathy P. Possel ν ν

Robert Kunzendorf and Elizabeth A. Ritvo ν

Pamela M. Laufer (COM’85)
and Jonah Laufer ν

Daniel R. Lombard (COM’03, CAS’03)
and Jordana E. Lombard (COM’03) ν

Kerry F. Loughman (COM’74)
and Kalman W. Zabarsky (CFA’69) ν ν ν

Peter Lovenheim (COM’75)
and Marie L. Lovenheim ν

Gary A. Maavara (COM’77)
and Lisa J. Maavara ν

Gigi Mahon (COM’71) ν

Jacqueline A. McGowan (COM’82)
and Eamonn Bowles ν

Therese A. Melden (SAR’81)
and Kurt A. Melden ν ν

Margaret B. Muething
and Stephen E. Muething ν ν

Elyse D. Phelan (COM’12) ν

Patricia K. Phelan ν ν

Bruce J. Prager (DGE’72, COM’74)
and Mary A. Prager (COM’76) ν

Bertha R. Rifkin ν

Henry L. Savage (COM’73)
and Helen Y. Savage

Aimee Segal (COM’94) ν

Edwin A. Sharrow (COM’84)

Alan Shineman
and Genevieve W. Shineman ν ν

Ann C. Simon and Michael J. Simon ν ν

Barbara A. Simonetti

Michelle A. Sullivan (COM’95)
and Craig M. Peluso (CAS’96) ν

Caren A. Vondell (COM’92)
and Robert Vondell

Karl C. Weigl ν

Shelley A. Winer-Remmel ν

Deborah K. Yoken (COM’72, ‘74)
and Richard A. Yoken (SMG’72) ν



Edward W. Allen and Patricia J. Allen ν

Christopher Barry and Nancy Barry ν

Kelly Barry ν

Ryan Barry ν

Andrea R. Beebe and David C. Beebe ν

Reginald B. Bishop (COM’72)

John C. Bloomquist (COM’51)
and Myrtle H. Bloomquist ν

John M. Boyle and Marcia L. Boyle ν

Dorothy C. Bracken (COM’75)

Robert E. Bracken (COM’79)
and George T. Applegate ν

Richard M. Browdy (COM’72)

Christine Burton-Glickman ν ν

Elaine M. Case and John Case ν ν

Christophor Cavalieri (COM’81)
and Carolanne Cavalieri ν

Gartung Cheng and Sau Han Cheng ν ν

Michael Citren and Michelle Citren ν

Terence M. Clarke (COM’63, ‘89)
and Judith L. Clarke ν ν ν

Herbert T. Cohen and Julia R. Neuringer ν ν

Barry A. Cusick (COM’89)
and Fe Masamayor ν

Jamie A. Davidson (COM’13) ν ν

Larry J. Davis and Kay Ko ν

Donna M. Dawson
and Thomas K. Dawson ν

Mark A. Dicristofaro (CGS’06,
COM’08, ‘09) ν

Martha Driessen and Vincent Driessen ν ν

Ghinwa Dumyati and Rabi Tawil ν ν

Karen B. Dunn and Kevin P. Dunn ν ν

Linda K. Ellman (COM’75)
and Gary M. Mandinach ν

William M. Fine (COM’77)
and Gail H. Fine ν

Hiroshi Furuya and Kayoko Y. Furuya ν ν

Jamia A. Gaffney (COM’99)
and Kevin J. Groskopf ν

Pamela B. Gilbert and Charles R. Lewis ν

Nancy L. Glick (COM’70)
and Michael R. Leaveck ν

Michael Golibersuch ν

Daniel E. Greenblatt (COM’51)
and Nancy A. Greenblatt ν

Deborah B. Hatic and Haas A. Hatic ν

Mildred L. Hawke and Thomas J. Hawke ν

Loryn R. Heath (COM’07) ν

Elaine L. Hertz (COM’76)
and Marc A. Hertz ν

Thomas G. Hill (COM’84)
and Nancy R. Hagens ν

Leonora Hoicka and Stephen McCann ν ν

Alan Holtz ν

Patricia M. Hughes
and Thomas L. Hughes ν

Maria Jacquemetton (COM’85)

Karen Kang (COM’77)
and Jonathan K. Ferraiolo ν

Susan B. Kaplan (COM’73) ν

David A. Karman ν

Andrea B. Kennedy (COM’05)
and Patrick L. Kennedy (COM’04) ν ν

David C. Klein (COM’81)
and Susan J. Oldenburg (COM’81) ν

Aivars Krumins ν

Sarah M. Lamb ν

Michael J. Maloni (COM’94)

Isao Matsushima (SMG’94) ν

Eileen C. McIntyre (COM’73)
and Kent D. Laymon ν

William Miller ν ν

Laura K. Miyashita (COM’94)
and Taku Miyashita (SMG’94)

Angela Cooper Mota (COM’02, SED’12) ν ν ν

Claudia Mullane and Daniel J. Mullane ν

Gwen L. Offerdahl ν

Alan Olshan (COM’73, ‘74) ν

Stephen Petit (COM’89) ν

Lisa B. Philipson (COM’82)
and Gary L. Philipson ν

Lin Polito (COM’81)

Michelle C. Pujals (COM’88)

Joseph Puzo and Robbin S. Puzo ν ν

Kathryn A. Rozen (COM’98) ν

Paul A. Rufo (COM’76) and Nancy A. Power

Jean Rosenberg and Peter A. Southwick ν ν

Micha L. Sabovik (COM’96, ‘06)
and Michael J. Sabovik (COM’96) ν ν

Hiroyuki Saito (COM’04)

James F. Savage (DGE’59, COM’61)
and Sharon K. Savage

Rishona Savin and Scott Savin ν

Heidi M. Schwartz (COM’78)
and Robert J. Schwartz

Barry E. Shapiro and Carol E. Shapiro ν ν

Patrick M. Skelly ν

Bruce R. Smith (COM’74)
and Melanie H. Smith ν

Chloe Spear ν

Dan Spear and Kathy Spear ν

Mr. and Mrs. David R. St. Germain

Christopher J. Stonich (COM’88)

Ken Sweezey (COM’67, ‘69) ν

Linda Timpson ν

James A. Vick (CGS’65, COM’67)
and Susan C. Vick

Steven A. Wechsler (COM’73)
and Caryn W. Wechsler

Ashley N. Wilemon (COM’04)

Christen Y. Wong (COM’09)

Robin Woolford ν

Susan Ziegler



Adam B. Abrahams (COM’03) ν

Nancy Abramson ν

Cynthia M. Adajian and Edward Adajian ν ν

Lisa A. Adajian (COM’03) ν

Irene Adsuar (COM’03) ν

Michele L. Ahouse (COM’00)
and David Ahouse ν

Pamela L. Alberto and Gregory Wroclawski ν

Sandra C. Aleman ν ν

David H. Alexander (COM’79) ν

Robert B. Amdur (COM’55)
and Judith A. Amdur

Robert H. Apter (COM’68)
and Penny Apter ν

Joan L. Armstrong (DGE’49, COM’51) ν

Burleigh Arnold and Rebecca Arnold ν ν

Robert N. Authier (COM’71)
and Deborah L. Authier ν

Amos M. Balaish
and Shari Lieberman Balaish ν ν

Jim Baldwin and Susan Baldwin ν

Carolan Bariteau and Paul Bariteau ν

Janice M. Barrett (COM’80) ν

Dean Bauer

Robert J. Bean (COM’54) ν

Joshua Benton ν

Rosalie M. Berberian (COM’48) ν

Amy Berg and Steven Berg ν ν

Mara D. Berg (COM’13) ν ν

Laura M. Berglund
and Robert K. Berglund ν ν

Alan H. Bergstein (COM’75)
and Carol A. Bergstein ν

Barbara H. Bink (COM’81) ν

Nancy A. Birchard

Gene L. Bisol (COM’69)
and Barbara P. Bisol ν

Edward F. Blaguszewski (COM’77)
and Jane M. Blaguszewski

Allen S. Blaustein (COM’99) ν

John S. Bliss (COM’67) and Suzanne R. Bliss ν

Richard B. Boardman (COM’68)
and Lynne A. Stanton ν

Mark S. Bockus and Nancy E. Bockus ν ν

James B. Bocock (COM’66)
and Ann J. Bocock ν

Mark T. Boeni and Mary Paxton-Boeni ν ν

James N. Bohner and Rosalyn Bohner ν

K. David Bombaugh (SED’79)
and Donna Bombaugh ν

Colin M. Boroski (COM’97) ν

Edward J. Borsa ν ν

Margaret G. Boyd (COM’89)

John Branton and Winifred Branton ν ν

Alan N. Braverman
and Barbara G. Braverman ν

Amy L. Brenner-Fricke (COM’89)
and Stephen P. Fricke (ENG’91)

Carol Y. Bressor (DGE’57, COM’59)
and Loren J. Bressor ν

Arthur S. Brisbane and Jo Brisbane ν ν

David M. Brodbeck
and Laura J. Brodbeck ν ν

Paul A. Bue (DGE’53, COM’55)
and Sandra M. Bue ν

Tricia Buenvenida (COM’93, CAS’93) ν

Robert M. Bullivant (COM’67)
and Carol M. Bullivant

Pamela Butler ν

Beth A. Byer (COM’83)
and Fred H. Mermelstein

John Cahill

Nicholas G. Capece ν

Robert J. Capece (CGS’52, COM’54) ν

Peter J. Carlson (COM’74) ν

Robert J. Carlson (COM’62)

Joseph D. Carney (CAS’74, COM’77)
and Susan E. Austin

Bianca A. Carter (COM’73)
and Philip W. Carter

T. Barton Carter (COM’78) ν ν ν

Michael G. Caruso (COM’85)
and Rebecca A. Caruso (COM’84) ν

Martha L. Celestino (COM’73)
and William J. Celestino (CAS’73) ν

Wayne S. Charness (COM’78)
and Jeanie S. Charness ν

Marco A. Chaoul (COM’87, CAS’87)
and Erika R. De La Garza (COM’89)

Jan Cherubin and Roger Director ν

Pam Chiaravanond (COM’09, CAS’09)

Roland A. Chirico (COM’60)
and Evelyn Chirico ν

Roger K. Choquet (CGS’58, COM’62)
and Greta F. Choquet

Su O. Chun and Kyung H. Ma ν ν

Laurie A. Christiansen (COM’79)
and Christofer Christiansen

Julie S. Ciardello (COM’90)

Arthur R. Ciocco (COM’60)
and Gillian W. Ciocco ν

Debra L. Classen (COM’78)
and Thomas J. Classen (COM’76, ‘77) ν

Lisa E. Clemence (COM’01) ν

Claude I. Clermont ν

Frank J. Coco (COM’64) and Carol A. Coco

Andrea D. Cohen and Michael L. Cohen ν

Lindsay A. Cohen (CGS’10, COM’12) ν

Corinne H. Collins (COM’88)
and Dwight T. Collins

Charles J. Compagnone (CGS’81, COM’83)

Cheryl A. Copeland (COM’93)
and D. Bruce Copeland ν

Leslie A. Coppa and Louis Coppa ν

Kathleen E. Corsetti (COM’89)
and Ronald G. Corsetti (CAS’88) ν

Kimberly A. Costello ν ν ν

David R. Coutts and Judith R. Coutts ν ν

Arthur Cumella and Sherrie Cumella ν ν

Jamie Dakoyannis-Monovoukas (CGS’81, COM’90, ‘97) and Yiannis Monovoukas

Christopher B. Daly ν

Michael C. D’Anthony (COM’92)

Anupreeta Das (COM’07) ν

Arthur P. Davidson (COM’79) ν

Ellen L. Davis

Jordan S. Davis and Shari B. Davis ν ν

Todd H. Davis (COM’06)
and Patricia A. Davis ν

Monica S. De Feria-Cooper (COM’98, CAS’98)
and Robert B. Cooper

Daniel L. De Groot and Sarah J. De Groot ν

Renee A. DeKona (COM’79)

Ralph Del Negro and Robyn Del Negro ν

Donald F. Dembert (COM’55) ν

Peter G. Dennis (COM’83)
and Mary M. Dennis ν

Joanne D. Derbort (CAS’72, COM’75)

Mary M. Dixon (COM’89) and Ted Dixon ν

Elif Dogan Zagra (COM’96)

Anne E. Donohue (COM’89)
and Stephen R. Conlin ν ν

Elizabeth S. Downey (COM’66) and William H. Downey (COM’66) ν

Cary Drane and Ellen R. Griggs-Drane ν ν

Margaret M. Drugan (COM’91, CAS’91) ν

Gerald E. Ducharme (COM’68)
and Sandra Ducharme

Colleen D. Duffy (COM’83)

Celeste Dupuis ν

Patricia Duquette ν

Amy M. Durbin (COM’05) ν

Kiera N. Durr (COM’91) ν

Michael Eides and Susan L. Eides ν ν

Caryl A. Erdos and Michael S. Erdos ν

Kristina F. Erickson (COM’79)

Ellen Factor ν

Hugh Fain and Renee Fain ν

Kathleen E. Farber (COM’86)
and Louis L. Farber (CAS’61) ν

John J. Farrell (ENG’08, ‘13)
and Andrea F. Farrell ν ν ν

Jeffrey D. Farrow (COM’97)

Terry A. Fassburg (COM’69) ν

Jerald R. Feldman (COM’67)
and Janice R. Feldman

Eileen M. Feldsott (COM’90)
and Edward L. Feldscott

Lewis M. Feldstein ν

George Ferrie and Christa J. Hammarstrom ν

David H. Fessler and Julie F. Fessler ν

Stuart A. Fine (COM’68)

Robert F. Firestone (COM’82) ν

Jennifer Z. Fishkind-Fink (COM’94)
and Andrew Fink

Pamela R. Flash (CGS’80, COM’82)
and Jeffrey Finkle ν

Ronald Fleher (COM’61)

Janet B. Foley and John Foley ν

Pamela M. Foote (COM’76)
and Michael Foote ν

Dawn M. Foreman (COM’89)
and Kurt J. Foreman ν

Louise K. Forman (COM’72)
and Spencer Z. Forman (CAS’71) ν

Prima A. Formica (COM’12) ν

Dan Fost (COM’84) ν

Ellen D. Freeman Roth (COM’82)
and Steven J. Roth (GSM’79) ν

Carol A. Freidinger
and Roger M. Freidinger ν

Ellen L. Friedman (COM’89)

Maria R. Fuentes (COM’82)
and Jeffrey A. Romano

Raymond J. Fulton (CGS’66, COM’68)
and Gabriele J. Fulton ν

Thomas Gallitano and Margaret E. Talmers ν

Margie A. Gandolfi (COM’69) ν

Armando Garrido and Caridad Garrido ν

Linda A. Gasper (COM’86)
and Ronald L. Gasper

Robert T. Gavin (COM’81) ν ν

Joel S. Geller (COM’63)
and Marilyn R. Geller ν ν

Bruce D. George and Debra L. George ν

Nancy Gertner and John Reinstein

Sam Ghazaleh

David L. Gilbert (COM’98) ν

Anthony M. Gilroy (COM’95)

Katrina C. Gleber (COM’94, CAS’94)

Margaret L. Glenn (CGS’00, COM’02)

Jeffrey L. Goldberg (COM’74)

James E. Golden (COM’75)
and Marie R. Golden

Paul J. Goldsmith (COM’59)
and Arlene G. Goldsmith ν

Madaline R. Gordon
and Stephen H. Gordon ν

Seth L. Gorenstein (COM’92)
and Jodi Gorenstein ν

Jeannie S. Grahm (COM’69)

Eric T. Grechko and Janis G. Grechko ν

Peter M. Green (GSM’92, LAW’92)
and Suzanne Green (GSM’91)

John R. Griffin (CGS’58, COM’60)
and Frances E. Griffin ν ν

L. Carlisle Gustin (CGS’65, COM’67)
and Judith-Lynn Gustin (CFA’66) ν

Shanta B. Gyan (CGS’89, COM’91)
and Albert Gyan

Mary A. Hailer and Philip Hailer ν

Beth Hamilton ν

Robert H. Hampton (COM’86)
and Lynne Hampton ν

Jack A. Hanson and Pauline E. Hanson ν ν

Ronald M. Harvey (COM’78)
and Deborah Jindela

Nancy Harvin ν ν

Bonnie Hassan and Michael S. Hassan ν

Julie A. Hatterer ν ν

Stephani S. Herold (DGE’58, COM’60) and Frank Herold

Eric A. Hertz (COM’09) ν

Ken Hettinger and Mary Hettinger ν

William J. Hetzer (COM’67) ν

Rolfe M. Hight (COM’39, SMG’39) ν

James Hirsch and Karen Hirsch ν

Sandra C. Hofmann (COM’60)

Joan S. Huggler (COM’56)
and Edward H. Huggler ν

Stephanie D. Hughes (COM’67, GRS’74) and Duncan I. Hughes ν

Kathryn L. Hunter ν ν

Alice W. Hurley (COM’56, DGE’54)
and Anthony M. Hurley ν

Christine Hurley and Stephen G. Hurley ν

Frances P. Hyde (COM’48)
and Arthur L. Hyde

Mitsuhiro Inoue ν

Jason P. Isralowitz (COM’90)
and Jennifer L. Isralowitz ν

Diana Janansky ν

Janet M. Janiak and Thomas A. Janiak ν ν

Gary C. Johnson
and Kathleen M. Johnson ν ν

Michelle Y. Johnson

William A. Jones (COM’91)

Kathryn O. Jorgensen (COM’64) ν

Kirk N. Joslin and Sheila Joslin

Kenneth Kahn

David T. Kalbacker (COM’77)
and Marion E. Kalbacker ν

Mary R. Kaltman (DGE’73, COM’75)
and Jerome O. Kaltman

Michael J. Kaminski ν

Jonah P. Kaplan (COM’08)

Lewis T. Karabatsos (COM’95)
and Susan C. Karabatsos ν ν

Sean C. Kardon (CGS’81, COM’83)
and Shelley M. Kardon ν

Janet D. Karman (LAW’82)
and Mitchell A. Karman (LAW’82) ν

Stephen Karman ν

Bradley G. Kasnet (COM’11) ν

Samuel H. Kauffmann (COM’77)
and Kate Cress ν ν ν

Eileen Keeler (COM’85) and Pete Keeler

Mark D. Kelleher (COM’89)

Caryl Kennedy ν

Karen Kelly and Steven Kelly ν

William D. Keyserling (COM’74) ν

Vivian B. Kim (COM’93)

Richard L. Kinney and Joan E. McGee ν ν

Sandi D. Kirshner (DGE’70, COM’72, ‘79) and Bruce N. Hayes

Kristin E. Kirwan (COM’94)

Joel A. Kitay (COM’94, CAS’94)
and Stacey F. Kitay (GSM’93) ν

Anthony M. Knasas and Marjorie Knasas ν

Zachary Knecht ν

James G. Kollegger (DGE’62, COM’64) and Elaine J. Kenzer

Susan L. Kooperstein (COM’70, ‘81)

George Kopidakis and Joyce Kopidakis ν

Tauber S. Kornblut (DGE’53, COM’55)
and Joan F. Kornblut ν

Paul J. Korngold (COM’73)
and Laurie J. Korngold (CAS’73) ν ν

Susan W. Kove (COM’77)
and Michael E. Kove ν

Barry S. Kran and Lucette Nadle

Evan J. Krichevsky ν ν

Cathy D. Krieger (COM’85)
and Steven Krieger ν

Sam Kuczun (COM’54, ‘61)
and Ann M. Kuczun

Gail F. Kursel ν ν

Laura Kwitnicki ν

Maureen Kynoch ν

Fred Lado and Marianne Lado ν

Julie A. Lang (COM’87) ν

Patricia S. Lang (COM’71) ν

C. Peter Lauterbach (CGS’82, COM’84) and Lisa D. Lauterbach (COM’85)

Karen E. Lauterbach (COM’77)
and Mark A. Powers

Ann L. Leary Hemelt (COM’76)
and William J. Hemelt

Madelei T. Lebwohl (COM’78)
and Mark G. Lebwohl ν

John Lee and Mi S. Lee ν ν

Barbara A. Levin (COM’50)
and Jerome L. Levin ν

Jack Levin (COM’65, GRS’68)
and Flora Levin

Jeffrey S. Levine (SMG’78)
and Shawna K. Levine ν

Lawrence H. Levine (COM’59)
and Susan C. Levine

Eleanor C. Levingston (COM’55)
and Howard I. Levingston ν

David M. Lipshutz (LAW’91)
and Margery R. Lipshutz ν

James D. Livingston (COM’03) ν

Carolyn M. Lo (COM’09)

Patrick M. Londino (COM’94)
and Michelle Londino ν

Milagros Lora and Serafin U. Mariel ν ν

Peter Lowy (COM’74, GSM’82) and
Linda Zeckendorf-Lowy (CFA’72, SED’79) ν

Marilyn E. Luebe (COM’85)

Danielle Maccone (COM’99) ν

Ian B. MacKenzie (COM’81)
and Julie R. MacKenzie (COM’81)

Dennis Maguire and Karen Maguire ν ν

Katherine I. Maguire (COM’13) ν ν

Michael M. Maher (COM’78) ν

Michael G. Margules (COM’75)
and Zoila R. Busby-Casanova

Sophia Mariani ν

Maria L. Marino (COM’87)
and David R. Guyer

Colleen E. Markley (COM’97)
and Brian T. Markley ν

Mitchell D. Markson (COM’83) ν

Georgianne L. Maroon (COM’13) ν ν

Pamela A. Maroon and Thomas J. Maroon ν

Livia E. Marotta (COM’92)

Daniel J. Martin (COM’49)
and Mary C. Martin

Jeffrey H. Martin (COM’95, COM’02)

Milton T. Martin (CGS’60, COM’62)
and Edda M. Martin

Jason T. Massman (COM’93, CAS’93)
and Toby E. Horwitz

Robert Mazaika ν

Judith A. McCabe
and Thomas P. McCabe ν ν

Kevin F. McCauley (COM’78)

Todd J. McCubbin
and Jennifer E. Whitesell ν ν

Marcia D. McDonald ν ν

Wendy McHugh ν ν

Judith A. McKenna (COM’83)
and James T. McKenna ν

Avrohm N. Melnick ν

Lisa A. Melnick (LAW’82)
and Avrohm Melnick ν

Robyn Mercurio (COM’90)
and Matthew G. Mercurio (CAS’92)

Gary R. Meyer (COM’74)
and Marjorie L. Meyer ν

Richard L. Michaels (CGS’63, COM’65)

Elizabeth G. Miller (COM’90)
and Rod D. Miller ν

Karin B. Miller and Leonard B. Miller ν

LyndaSue Miller ν

James C. Missert and Mary E. Missert ν ν

William Mitchell

Ronit Mitnik (COM’94) and Oleg Mitnik

Marc Moran (COM’81)
and Mala E. Hoffman ν

Gary A. Morgenstern (COM’76)
and Dale C. Morgenstern

Lois T. Morse (COM’55) and
Norman B. Morse (DGE’53, COM’55) ν ν

Allison R. Moss (COM’01) ν

Michele L. Moyer (COM’95)
and Eric B. Moyer

Edward J. Mulligan (COM’59)
and Arlene B. Mulligan

Jeannette Nadle ν

Theresa M. Nelson (COM’92)
and Donald Nelson ν

Patrick J. Nelson (COM’90) ν

Stuart Newman (COM’74)
and Katherine Newman

Suat Peng Ng (COM’10)

Anh Nguyen ν ν

William F. Nicholson (COM’66)
and Patricia A. Nicholson ν

Elizabeth H. Nicholson ν

Mary B. Nickens and Timothy Nickens ν

Kerri L. Noonan Steele (CAS’92, COM’97) and Jonathan Steele

Hubert L. Norris and Mary J. Norris ν

William M. Northrup (COM’59)
and Julia L. Northrup ν ν

Timothy L. Nostrand (COM’75)

Andrew S. Novick ν

William Nunnally (COM’08) ν

William H. O’Connell (DGE’56, COM’58) and Jane E. O’Connell

Kathleen A. O’Dea-Kelly (COM’87)
and Edward J. Kelly

Elaine T. Ohs (COM’60) and Peter R. Ohs

Stephanie J. O’Keeffe (COM’91, CAS’91)

Molly T. Oldfield ν

Carl W. Olofson (COM’76)
and Janet N. Olofson (CAS’75) ν

Shari Osit ν

Jordana F. Ossad (COM’07)

Daniel R. O’Sullivan (COM’97) ν

Stephen H. Padre (COM’95)

Catherine J. Paladino (COM’89) ν

Monica A. Parker-James (COM’91, ‘94)

Donna J. Patalano (COM’87)
and Vincent J. Patalano (MED’88) ν

Taggarty M. Patrick (COM’82)
and Brian T. Horey

William L. Patton (DGE’49, COM’51)
and Mary J. Patton (SAR’50)

Richard D. Paul (DGE’55, COM’57)
and Marilyn A. Paul ν

Marc D. Paulenoff (COM’74)
and Glenda B. Paulenoff (CAS’75)

Monica H. Paull (COM’06) ν

Jim Pearson and Marcy Pearson ν

Laura D. Peterson (CGS’83, COM’85)
and Bart Peterson ν

Claire M. Petti (DGE’50, COM’52)
and Leo F. Petti ν

Dana S. Philbrook and Linda B. Philbrook ν

Gregory D. Picker (COM’13) ν ν

Steven J. Plotnicki

Kathryn Potter ν

Colleen W. Powell (MET’08) ν ν

Alvin F. Priem and Margaret Priem ν

Rachel M. Pugh (COM’05) ν

Alesa M. Purpura (MET’83)
and John D. Purpura ν

Suzannah D. Radack (COM’01)
and Matthew B. Radack ν

Joan Raphael and William E. Raphael ν ν

Edna Reese and Woody Reese ν ν

Lauren Reese and Richard Reese ν

Kathleen C. Reilly (DGE’56, COM’58) ν

Michael J. Reilly (COM’85)
and Elizabeth A. Reilly ν ν

Bonnie F. Reining and David C. Reining ν

Mary D. Rice (COM’85)
and Alan K. Gaynor ν ν

Martin A. Rennalls (COM’68)
and Ivy Rennalls ν

Michael G. Ridley (CGS’03, COM’05) ν

Rod D. Rightmire (COM’53, COM’62)
and Nancy E. Rightmire

Bernard J. Riley (COM’50)
and Shirley A. Riley ν

Janet Roberts ν

Janice T. Robinson (MET’12)
and Samuel Robinson ν

Stephen V. Rochette (COM’07) ν

Carly S. Rodriguez (COM’98)
and Leon Rodriguez (CGS’96, COM’98)

Hannah H. Roh and Si K. Roh ν

Michael C. Rohde ν ν

John Roll and Susan Roll ν

Julie A. Romandetta (COM’86) ν

Janet B. Rosen (COM’83)
and Michael D. Rosen ν

Dennis L. Rossiter (COM’69)
and Alison M. Rossiter

Cindy Rotermund and Randy Rotermund ν

Terri R. Roth (COM’85) and Michael S. Roth ν

Jay Rothstein

Eileen Rotty ν

John E. Rowan (CGS’60, COM’63)
and Judith A. Rowan ν

Travis M. Roy (COM’00) ν

Grove Roys and Laurie A. Roys ν ν

Jannis D. Rubinstein (CAS’76)
and Don Rubinstein ν

Anthony T. Ruggeri and Carol Ruggeri ν

Francis Russell and Linda Russell ν ν

Jeanne M. Samoszuk (SED’75)
and Michael K. Samoszuk

Lisa E. Sarno (COM’76)

Loren Savini ν

Steven M. Schaefer ν ν

Karl R. Scholz (COM’94) ν

Andrew Schreer and Kelly L. Schreer ν ν

Laura M. Scott (GSM’86)
and Frederick M. Scott ν

Craig C. Sculos (COM’85)

Sabrina Seid ν ν

Barry N. Semet and Raquel Semet ν

Christopher G. Senior (COM’88, CAS’88) ν

Dorothy M. Shapiro (COM’56)
and Jordan L. Shapiro ν

A. Keith Sheldon (COM’57)
and Joyce S. Sheldon ν

David J. Shepard (COM’06) ν

William M. Shepard (DGE’55, COM’57) and Marilyn C. Shepard

Valerie M. Shepherd (CFA’69)
and Marvin D. Shepherd ν ν

Wayne L. Sherman (COM’66)
and Margaret Sherman

Terri Short

Kay B. Shute (COM’52)

Steven G. Silber (DGE’75, COM’77)
and Sue E. Silber ν

Mary L. Simone (COM’81)
and Charles J. Cristello ν

Francine R. Smith

Hampden H. Smith (GRS’67) ν

Jane Smith

Liza Smith (COM’08) ν

Ronn Smith ν

Gail F. Snyder (COM’76) and David S. Snyder

Sara M. Sommers (COM’86)
and Jeff M. Sommers

Janet V. Soolman (COM’91)
and Zachary D. Soolman ν

Peter J. Souza (COM’76)

William V. Spaulding (COM’76)

Robert W. Spreat (COM’79)
and Kathy A. Spreat ν

Joan H. Stewart (COM’83)
and William L. Stewart ν

Gregory C. St. Martin (COM’03) ν

Melvin L. Stone (COM’43, SMG’43)
and Frances M. Stone

Douglas Struck ν

Joanne L. Sullivan and Robert J. Sullivan ν

Joshua Suri and Teresa Suri ν ν

Isabelle F. Tadmoury (COM’94) ν

Robert P. Tassinari (ENG’88)
and Karen N. Tassinari ν ν

Jolinda K. Taylor (COM’94)
and William Taylor ν

Margaret S. Taylor and Paul J. Taylor ν

Julie A. Tell (COM’85) and Marc Tell ν

Wendy Ann Tenzyk (COM’71)
and Alfred C. Kelley

Susan L. Tesar ν

Yvette S. Teschner (COM’00) ν

Jeffrey N. Thal (COM’79)
and Sharyn L. Ross ν

Alice Ting

Helen J. Toms (COM’87) ν

Cathleen C. Torrisi (COM’82)

David L. Townsend and Gail M. Townsend ν

Wendy Townsend (COM’65)
and Robert J. Baker ν

F. Raymond Trance (COM’64)

Jennifer T. Trass (COM’99)
and Matthew Trass

Diana G. Trygg (COM’76)
and Leif W. Trygg

Gary R. Tuchman (COM’82)
and Katherine M. Tuchman (CAS’84)

Stephanie Tuttle and Dimitri Zafiris ν ν

David L. Underhill (COM’74)
and Linda M. Underhill ν

Kevin T. Van Belois (COM’97)

Frederick C. Van Bennekom (GSM’82, GSM’94)

Joan L. Vanchieri
and Ronald R. Vanchieri ν ν

Barbara A. Veneri (COM’71) ν

Mary T. Villanova
and Michael C. Villanova ν

William E. Vochoska (COM’90) ν

Elizabeth C. Wadington (COM’76)

Waydell D. Walker (COM’93) ν

Robert L. Wallace (CGS’60, COM’62)
and Linda L. Wallace ν

Mark D. Walton (COM’76)
and Christine H. Roth ν

Randall H. Walton (CAS’78) ν

John A. Ward (COM’89) and Erin Ward ν

Mary A. Watts

Sandra E. Wegman (GSM’84)
and Thomas Wegman (CAS’78) ν

Robert K. Wegner (CGS’65, COM’72)
and Johanna Wegner ν

Frank S. Weigle (COM’74) ν

Stanley C. Weinberg (DGE’56, COM’58) and Barbara B. Weinberg (SMG’58) ν

Lisa H. Weingeroff (COM’78)
and Robert D. Kincaid ν

Jacqueline I. Weitzner
and Lawrence B. Weitzner ν

Lindsley Wellman (CGS’53, COM’55)
and Gwendolyn S. Wellman ν

Iphigenia J. Wessman (DGE’50, COM’52) ν

Nicholas B. West (CGS’97, COM’99) ν

Jenni E. Whalen ν

Raymond K. Whalen ν ν

William E. Whalley (CGS’53, COM’55) and Marilyn B. Whalley

Thomas W. Whelton (COM’67) ν

Elaine C. White (DGE’51, COM’53)
and Sheldon S. White ν

Malcolm S. White (COM’76)
and Deborah K. White

Susan G. White (CGS’85, COM’87)
and John R. White

Thomas N. Whitehead (COM’69) ν

Joseph L. Wicherski (COM’63) ν

Douglas F. Wicks (COM’84)
and Carol L. Wicks

James A. Wiemer and Liza M. Wiemer ν

Stephanie D. Wilks (CGS’06, COM’08)

Veda B. Wilson (DGE’66, COM’68)
and Philip P. Stine

John S. Willson and Linda E. Willson

Scott W. Wintner (COM’05) ν

Irving P. Wish (DGE’52, COM’54)
and Barbara K. Wish ν

Roseana Z. Woodberry (COM’90, CAS’90)
and Stephen F. Woodberry ν

Stephen F. Wright (GSM’81)
and Christine Y. Wright ν

Amy G. Wyeth

Lee J. Yaffa (COM’69)
and Catherine A. Yaffa ν

Melissa F. Yanis (COM’88) ν

Kyung H. Yi and Ung Mok Yi ν ν

Nancy A. Zacks (COM’83)
and Sergio S. Simmel

Deborah H. Zucker (COM’88) ν




Carole R. Abramson (COM’64)
and Allan L. Abramson ν

Kevin P. Acciaioli (COM’85)
and Janet M. Acciaioli

George D. Adams (CGS’60, COM’62, ’89) and Jane G. Adams

Lindsay A. Adams (COM’03)

Melanie K. Adams (COM’13) ν

Willoughby M. Adams (COM’83)
and Brian R. Adams

Mariana Agathoklis (COM’03)

Abigail A. Agliam (COM’05)

Edward E. Agoos ν ν

Sandra C. Agredo (COM’86)

James A. Ahrens (COM’68)
and Sue Ahrens

Lyndsey P. Albertson (COM’09)

Lillian M. Albin (COM’11)

Bill J. Alexander and Linda L. Alexander ν

Dania L. Alexandrino (CGS’97, COM’99) and Jimmey Nievez ν

James C. Allard (COM’84)
and Gail S. Allard ν

Gertrude M. Allen (COM’34, SMG’72)

Matthew Allen and Teresa Allen ν

Raymon P. Alvarez (COM’59)
and Elaine G. Alvarez ν

Cara M. Amoroso (COM’06)
and Michael Amoroso

Russell T. Anderson (COM’10) ν

Jill Andrew and Mark M. Andrew ν ν

Kara E. Andrew (COM’13) ν

MeeJin Annan-Brady (COM’03)
and Kevin L. Won ν

Chris R. Antonowich (MET’07) ν

Daniella J. Apfel (COM’08) ν

Pamela D. Appell (COM’87, CAS’87)
and Steven J. Appell ν

Mary J. Aquino (COM’05) ν

Elizabeth A. Aragao (COM’03)

Ruta K. Aras (COM’76)
and Howard S. Taksen ν

Atoosa R. Arfa (COM’09) ν

Taylor L. Arion (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Nikole A. Army ν

Jessica M. Asher (COM’01)
and William A. Asher ν

Diane S. Ashley (COM’77) ν

Rachel B. Baglin (COM’82)
and Mark J. Baglin ν

David A. Bailey (DGE’54, COM’58)
and Sylvia C. Bailey ν

Jeffrey J. Baker (COM’82)
and Mary Ellen McManus ν

Shelley R. Baker (COM’73)
and Stephen A. Baker ν

Sherman L. Baker (COM’52)
and Carol S. Baker

Steven H. Baker (COM’73)
and Ruthann S. Baker

Marie L. Balcos (COM’09) ν

Robert W. Baron (COM’53, ‘54)
and Pauline M. Baron ν

Jessica L. Barry (COM’86)
and Vincent A. Barry (ENG’89)

Paul F. Bartman (COM’86, ‘88)
and Gerry Bartman

David Bastille ν

John A. Batoha (CAS’11, COM’11) ν

Melissa K. Bauernfeind (COM’97)
and Michael J. Bauernfeind

David F. Beaudry (COM’00)
and Jennifer K. Beaudry

Frances I. Bechtold ν

Andrew A. Beck (COM’73)

Peter M. Beckerman (DGE’68, COM’70) and Joan Beckerman ν

Dianna A. Bedrosian ν

Paulette A. Beete (COM’91) ν

Stephen V. Behr (COM’62)

Leonas G. Bekeris and Maria A. Bekeris

Candace K. Belair (COM’79)
and Roger Belair

Randi G. Bender (COM’86)
and Shawn D. Bender ν

Noah S. Benezra (CGS’08, COM’10) ν

Alyssa D. Benjamin (COM’09) ν

Sidney Bennett (DGE’52, COM’54, CFA’55) ν ν ν

Celeste Benson and Tyler Benson ν ν

Michele Berdela ν

Sara Berdela ν

Ivan D. Bernier (COM’95) ν

Astrid O. Bertoncini
and Carlo Bertoncini ν ν

Barbara R. Bialick (COM’83)

Elizabeth Bianco ν

Cameron D. Bird (COM’13) ν

Thomas Bird ν ν

Andrew R. Bisdale (CAS’10) ν

Charles O. Black and Wendy Black

Rebecca R. Black (COM’00)

Christine M. Blain (COM’12)

Larry Blair and Susan Blair ν ν

Amy C. Blake ν

Megan E. Blauvelt ν

Elizabeth Blicher and Neil Blicher ν

Robert R. Bliss (COM’75)
and Karen Lachner-Bliss

Carol D. Blum (COM’75, SED’77) ν

Andromeda L. Blumenau (COM’95)
and Kurt W. Blumenau (COM’95, CAS’95)

Katherine Bohn ν

Kathleen C. Bolton ν ν

Harold F. Bonacquist
and Lucy W. Bonacquist ν

Charles S. Borbely and Marion A. Borbely ν ν

Eleanor Q. Botelho (COM’12)

Anthony P. Bothwell (COM’68) ν

Robert R. Boulware (CGS’66, COM’68) and Kathleen W. Boulware ν

Helena R. Bowen (COM’11, CAS’11) ν

Joan S. Bowen and Richard Bowen ν ν

John G. Boyle (COM’00)
and Tara Boyle (COM’01, CAS’01) ν

Crystal C. Bozek (COM’03) ν

Karen D. Bradford (COM’89)

Joseph L. Bradley (DGE’61, COM’63)
and Patricia B. Bradley

Andrew Brand and Michelle F. Brand ν ν

Lynette Brannon (COM’74)

Wayne R. Braverman (COM’77) ν

Charles D. Brenna and Edie Tanis Brenna ν ν

Alexandria M. Bresnahan (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Jonathan M. Brett ν ν

Jessica Bridges (COM’03, CAS’03)

Paulette B. Brinka (COM’71)
and Frank W. Brinka ν

Kenya Y. Brock (COM’02) ν

Sarah J. Brockmann (COM’86)
and Robert J. Brockmann ν

James F. Brogan (COM’82) ν

Kathleen Brogden and Scott Brogden ν ν

Chelsey L. Brooks (COM’10) ν

Laura R. Brooks (COM’72)

Ian T. Brown (COM’13) ν

Janet L. Brown (COM’74)

Joshua P. Brown (COM’09, ‘10) ν

Cynthia Brubaker and Randy Brubaker ν ν

Judith A. Bruckman (CAS’71, COM’75) and Donald A. Bruckman (GSM’76)

Paula V. Bruggeman (COM’75)
and John R. Bruggeman

Hollie E. Bruno (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Sarah M. Buchalter (COM’13) ν

Kim A. Buckey (COM’78)
and Robert A. Hilliard ν

John P. Buckley (CGS’11) ν

Rita B. Buckley (COM’76)

Rita Z. Bulk (COM’69)

Lisa Bullard ν

Kristin N. Bunn (CGS’89, COM’91)
and Andrew Bunn ν

Daniel Burke (COM’10) ν

Clare E. Burns (COM’09)

Michael F. Burns ν ν

Sarah I. Burns (CGS’09, COM’11)

Heidi Butenschoen (COM’90) ν

Sydna A. Byrne (CAS’57, COM’64)
and William J. Byrne

Veronica M. Byrnes (COM’10) ν

Daniela A. Cacciuottolo (COM’03) ν

Gail Cain and Paul A. Cain ν ν

Joshua P. Cain (COM’12)

Schyler J. Cain (COM’12) ν

Mary V. Callahan ν

Brian Campbell ν

Janet B. Campbell and John L. Campbell ν

Shaun D. Campos (CGS’08, COM’10) ν

Brooks H. Canaday (COM’11)

Rachel P. Canalita (COM’13, CAS’13) ν

Jack Canny (COM’76) and Julie A. Canny ν

Jessica B. Cantor (CGS’05, COM’07) ν

John Caplan and Marcie Caplan ν

Daniel J. Capobianco (COM’10)

Alessandra L. Cappellino (COM’08, CAS’08, GRS’10)

Hisako T. Cardwell ν ν

Rachel E. Carfora (COM’02, CGS’00)

Karen Carling-Chudolij
and George Chudolij ν ν

Daniel A. Carman (CGS’12) ν

Peter J. Carpenter (COM’82)
and Barbara S. Carpenter ν

Raymond M. Carroll ν

Bowe A. Carter (COM’02) ν

Kayana P. Carter (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Christine E. Casagrande (COM’07) ν

Jennifer C. Casali (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Robert L. Casper (CGS’66, COM’68)
and Florence S. Casper (SON’74) ν

Antonia Castelli and Xavier Castelli ν

Blanca R. Cebollero (COM’83)

Claudette Chagnon

Kaitlin K. Chandler (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Cole L. Chapman (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Paul B. Chappell (COM’85)
and Shari Chappell (COM’84) ν ν

Julia J. Cheong ν ν

Karen M. Cheung-Larivee (COM’05)
and Kevin R. Larivee

Debra Chisholm and Paul Chisholm ν

Elliott Y. Choi (COM’11) ν

Janet M. Christensen (COM’56)

Teresa L. Christovich (COM’06)

Boris A. Chrunyk ν ν

Igor Chulichkov and Olga Sokolova ν ν

Donald W. Clark (COM’61)
and Carol V. Clark ν

Frank M. Clemente
and Margot R. Clemente ν

Julie A. Cobis (COM’98) and James Cobis

Jacob A. Coburn ν

Ruth-Ellen Cohen (COM’78)
and Barry A. Cohen ν

Genie Colletti and Pat Colletti ν

Julie A. Colletti (COM’11) ν

Robert A. Colman (COM’96) ν

William J. Connell (COM’84)
and Diane M. Connell ν

Michelle E. Conover (COM’84)
and Jan Conover

Joanne Copeland and David Hoffman ν ν

Pamela A. Copeman ν

Jeffrey Cordon and Nadine Cordon ν

Christopher A. Costa (COM’13) ν

Joana C. Costa Marques (COM’13) ν

Debra L. Cote (COM’90) and J. Cote ν

Kelsey L. Cote (COM’13) ν

Charles Cottone and Susan Cottone

Kathleen D. Coughlan (COM’07)

Jonathan M. Couture (COM’02) ν

Natalie A. Covate ν

Phyllis Craig and Paul Schneider ν

Trudy W. Craig (COM’79, LAW’82)
and Robert B. Craig ν ν

Karen Crampsey and Michael Crampsey ν ν

Sheila Clough Crifasi (COM’82)

Kathleen A. Cromie (COM’00)

Bruce P. Crooks (COM’66)
and Jennie B. Crooks ν

Arlene Crouse and Ronald M. Crouse ν

Nina C. Crouse (COM’11)

Michael J. Cummo (COM’13) ν

Laurel D. Cunnane (COM’85)

Judith Cushman (COM’66)
and Robert Cushman

Leonard S. Czarnecki (COM’67)
and Sylvia J. Czarnecki

Jeanne A. D’Agostino (COM’88)

Alice E. Dahms (DGE’51, COM’53)
and Robert A. Dahms

Jasmine T. Daniel (COM’13) ν

Susan P. Dargan (GRS’87, GRS’00)
and David Joyner

Sneha Dasgupta (COM’13) ν

Barbara C. Davis and Thomas Starnes ν ν

Hannah P. Davis (COM’13) ν

Harriet S. Davis and Mark W. Davis

Jody S. Davis (COM’78)

Vincent R. De Maria (COM’53)

Angelo A. Decrisantis
and Joan M. Decrisantis ν

Michael G. DeFilippis (COM’13) ν

Matthew J. Defonzo (COM’13) ν

Margaret M. DeJesus (COM’10)

Anne G. Delaney (COM’01)

Catalina Delaney and George Delaney ν

Alejandra Del Real (COM’09) ν

Michael J. DeRosa (GRS’93)

Victor E. DeRubeis (COM’78) ν

Emily T. Descalo (COM’11)

Ann Deschamps and Tim Deschamps ν

Libby DeVecchi (COM’01)

James Diantgikis and Mary Diantgikis ν ν

Lauren Dilello (COM’10) ν

Nina V. DiMaggio (COM’13) ν

Frank DiMaiolo (COM’07)

Cheryl Dolan

Laura R. Dolan (COM’93, CAS’93)
and Scott K. Gilman

Edward G. Donga (COM’13) ν

Elsa Dorfman and Harvey A. Silverglate ν

Deborah C. Dougherty (CGS’70, COM’72)

Joseph A. Douillette (COM’93) ν

Vicki-Ann G. Downing (COM’81)
and Neil P. Downing

Nancianne E. Doyle (COM’85, MED’13) ν

Elisa J. Dozono (COM’92)

Alexa M. Dragoumis ν

Alfred J. Dresner (COM’51)
and Roslyn P. Dresner ν

Stephanie L. Dreyer (COM’07) ν

John J. Driscoll and Marion C. Driscoll ν ν

Robert Y. Dubel (COM’50)
and Helen M. Dubel ν

John J. Dulczewski (COM’86)

Charisse E. Dunkley (COM’12) ν

Christopher J. Dunn (COM’13) ν

Gary M. Dzen (COM’07)

Jean Easterday ν

Joshua P. Edwards (COM’98)
and Elizabeth M. Greason

Marilyn J. Egna (COM’58) ν

Sawina R. Eller (COM’92)

Richard W. Elliott (COM’72)

Alexander E. Epner (COM’13) ν

Barbara T. Epstein (COM’61)
and Burton R. Epstein

Jacqueline S. Epstein and Jerold H. Epstein ν

Janet C. Erne and Ray R. Erne ν ν

Rose Errington ν

Claudia M. Esker (COM’84)
and Dominic Esker ν

Amelia L. Eudy (COM’02) ν

Brittany M. Falconer (CGS’07, COM’09)

Carleen B. Falconer and Robert Falconer ν ν

Eugene R. Fappiano and Lillian C. Fappiano ν

Kristen A. Farina (COM’13) ν

Kathleen C. Farland ν

Alexis L. Farraye (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Stephen G. Farrell (COM’01) ν

Margaret S. Fearey (LAW’80)

Anne E. Fedick ν

Andrea M. Feeley and Stephen A. Feeley ν

Sumner H. Feldman (DGE’52, COM’54, ‘58) and Sherilee Feldman ν

Schaefer E. Felix (SHA’13) ν

Sophia Fen (COM’13) ν

Mike Feng and Sue-Ying Feng ν ν

Tiffany C. Feng (COM’13) ν

John R. Ferguson (COM’52)
and Jane E. Ferguson ν

Margaret M. Ferguson ν

Casey Fernandez and Tina Fernandez ν ν

Lea Ferrante and Ian J. Orr ν ν

Alissa Ferro (COM’03)

Rebecca S. Fessler (COM’05) ν

Jennifer R. Ficarra (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Frederick K. Fiddmont (COM’79) ν

Miles R. Fidelman and Karla M. Hailer ν

Carmen M. Fields (COM’73)

Bernard J. Fine (COM’52, GRS’53, ‘56) ν

Sean M. Finegan (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Richard H. Finger (COM’58)
and Phyllis Finger ν

Sean P. Finn ν

Johanna M. Fleisch (COM’05)

Sydney R. Fleischmann (COM’11)

Elizabeth A. Floyd (CGS’11, COM’13)

Frank S. Forbes (DGE’49, COM’51)
and Janice K. Forbes ν ν ν

Dylan C. Forer (COM’94) ν

Geoffrey Forman and Elizabeth Lee ν

Mariah L. Fosnight (COM’13) ν

Valentine Foti ν

David W. Frankel (COM’74)
and Paulina Frankel ν

Michael G. Franklin (COM’79) ν

Evan M. Fray-Witzer (COM’89)

Angela K. Frechette (COM’00) ν

Amanda P. Frederickson (CGS’02, COM’04) ν

Derek P. Freeburn (COM’05) ν

Fred Freifeld (COM’75) ν

Kasey M. Friedland (COM’13) ν

Amanda J. Friedman (COM’13) ν

Daniel M. Friedman and Holly H. Friedman ν ν

Kathryn C. Friedmann (COM’11) ν

Vivian S. Frommer (DGE’53, COM’55)

William H. Frothingham (COM’13) ν

Rodolfo E. Fuertes (COM’84) ν

Jennifer S. Gabriel (COM’98)

Frederick H. Gage (COM’50)
and Carolyn M. Gage ν

Michael Galvin Allais
and Michelle Galvin Allais ν ν

Lindsey M. Garber (COM’13) ν

Gabriela E. Garcia (CGS’11) ν

Kennon J. Gardner (COM’71)
and Diane S. Gardner

Jon S. Garelick (DGE’72, COM’74, GRS’84)

Ralph E. Garmon (COM’53)
and Virginia Garmon ν

Sandra S. Gartner (COM’72)
and Allen S. Gartner ν ν

Richard Gast and Tamara Gast ν ν

Christopher M. Gauthier
and Teresa A. Gauthier ν

Jones Gee (COM’70)

Sara A. Geen (COM’01)

Pamela T. Geiger (COM’83)
and David M. Geiger

Brenda C. Geitz (COM’82)
and Martin J. Geitz ν

Rozanne F. Gelbinovich (COM’07)
and Scott Rosenberg ν

Kim M. Giampietro (COM’79) ν

Robert Gilbert ν ν

Patricia Gill (COM’83) ν

Stephanie L. Gillett (COM’09)

Roslini C. Gittens ν ν

Joseph E. Giza (COM’96)
and Laurie J. Giza ν

Douglas J. Gladstone (COM’82)
and Karen L. Gladstone ν

Marjorie S. Glazer (COM’56)
and Lionel Glazer ν

Tania R. Gnazzo (COM’94, CAS’94, GSM’97, ‘97) and Wayne J. Pullam ν

Grace H. Goins (COM’01)

Cydney A. Goldberg (COM’01)

Jason S. Goldberg (COM’05)

Lisa Goldberg and Mitchell Jaffe ν ν

Risa M. Goldberg (CGS’81, COM’83)
and Steve A. Goldberg ν

Sandra E. Goldsmith (COM’77)
and Sheldon C. Toplitt (COM’76) ν

Philip A. Goldstein (COM’08) ν

Jason I. Golomb (COM’92)
and Kristen G. Golomb (SED’92) ν

Conrad E. Golovac (COM’13) ν

Hillan Gonzales and Lucille Gonzales ν ν

Mara S. Gonzalez (COM’13) ν

Jan M. Goodman (COM’74) ν

K. N. Goodrich (COM’80)
and James S. Granata II ν

Noah Gordon (COM’50, GRS’51)
and Lorraine C. Gordon

Rebecca S. Gordon and William L. Gordon ν ν

Irene Gorel and Joseph Gorel ν

Caren Gorenberg and Richard Gorenberg ν

Michelle L. Gorgone (COM’13) ν

Eshai J. Gorshein (CGS’01, COM’03, LAW’11) ν

Nancy L. Gould (CAS’71, COM’72)

Margaret F. Grandbois (COM’88)
and Robert J. Grandbois

Jennifer S. Graupensperger (COM’93, SED’94)
and Kurt Graupensperger ν

Joan S. Greenberg (COM’60)

Bernard P. Greene and Judith W. Greene ν

Sarah E. Greenwald (COM’13) ν

Trisha Griffin-Carty ν

Michael J. Grogan (COM’75)

Edward Groipen and Elaine J. Groipen ν

Brenda Y. Grosbard (COM’80)
and Robert F. Grosbard (CAS’80)

Xaque D. Gruber (COM’02) ν

Robert E. Grunin (CAS’71, COM’74)

Erno Grunstein and Jacqueline Grunstein ν

Richard P. Gulla (COM’74)

Marc C. Haag and Rita Haag ν

Christopher A. Hager (CGS’73, CAS’75) and Felicity Long ν

Grace A. Hailer ν

Paul J. Hailer ν

Richard D. Hall (COM’57) and Joyce H. Hall

Susan M. Hamm (COM’90)

Karilyn E. Hammer ν

Anna C. Hampton (COM’59) ν

John S. Hanlon (COM’96)

Paul T. Hanlon (COM’01) ν

Susan Hansberry ν

Judith M. Hansen and Terry L. Hansen ν

Paul D. Hansen (COM’65)
and Laurene C. Hansen (CAS’65) ν

Matthew T. Hardcastle ν

Liana K. Harotian (COM’13, CAS’13) ν

Kelly L. Harrington (COM’09) ν

Ronald B. Harrison (COM’85)

Ethel B. Harris-Shepard (CGS’77, COM’79)

James D. Hartman (COM’80)
and Evelyn T. Hartman

Jennifer Hartwig (COM’05) ν

Seth D. Hatfield (COM’13) ν

Alexander C. Hawley (COM’13) ν

Joseph L. Headlee (COM’61)
and Dolores D. Headlee ν

Frank E. Hebb (DGE’51, COM’53)
and Patricia D. Hebb ν

Leslie N. Heggen (COM’03)
and Alexander Heggen ν

Carolynn J. Henderson
and Kenneth C. Henderson ν

Jeffrey A. Henig (COM’84)

Marion E. Hennebury (DGE’57, COM’59)

Richard J. Hennessey (DGE’50, COM’52) ν

Anthony J. Hernandez (CGS’06, COM’08)

Sigal Hertshten (COM’09)

Albert J. Hester and Ann V. Hester ν

Benjamin Heyman (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Robert W. Hilliard (GSM’78)
and Maureen S. Hilliard (SED’71) ν

Carol D. Hinman and David J. Hinman ν ν

Regan A. Hoff (MET’88)

Idina Holden ν

Christian R. Holland (COM’10) ν

Samuel A. Hollander (CGS’07, COM’09) ν

Laura W. Holleran (COM’48)
and Thomas R. Holleran (SMG’47) ν

Pattaya C. Hongsmatip (ENG’12)

Joseph B. Houston

Wanda Houston-Jackson (COM’82)
and Zachary T. Jackson ν

Christopher J. Howard ν

Denise Howard and John Howard ν

Elizabeth A. Howard and John E. Howard ν

Kevin D. Howard ν

Scott Howard ν

Kenneth Howe and Patricia Howe ν

Lauren S. Hugh (COM’09)

Kenneth E. Hulme (COM’54)
and Beverly R. Hulme

Nancy K. Hunton (COM’82)
and Donald E. Hunton ν

Christopher L. Hurley and Clare L. Hurley ν

Joseph Hurley (COM’74)
and Patricia H. Hurley ν

Jonathan W. Hyde (COM’88)

Nancy Iacono

Audra L. Irvine (COM’09) ν

Judy H. Israel (CAS’57, COM’59)
and Stanford L. Israel

Jennifer M. Jacovsky (COM’95)

Stephanie L. Jarvis (COM’13) ν

Carol H. Jason and Joel D. Jason ν ν

Brian R. Jenkins and Tamara P. Jenkins ν

Illeana M. Jensen ν

Maya H. Jimenez (COM’13) ν

Deborah A. Johnson (COM’00)
and Evan Rothenberg

Everett H. Jones (COM’54)
and Gloria J. Jones ν

Joan L. Jones (COM’64) and Ray W. Jones

Wanda M. Joseph-Rollins (COM’83)

Kevin C. Joy (COM’05)

Edwin J. Juralewicz and Danielle O’Leary ν ν

Amnon Kabatchnik (COM’54)

Leah Kaiz (COM’92) ν

Melissa J. Kaliner (COM’13) ν

Sara Kalish (COM’03)

Arielle M. Kallus (COM’05)

Jeffrey M. Karr and Susan E. Karr ν

Alisa M. Karten (COM’92)
and Kevin L. Karten ν

Lisa A. Kashinsky (COM’13, CAS’13) ν

Sarah E. Kassel (COM’10)

Judith M. Katz (COM’57) ν

Lindsay B. Katz (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Christina Kaufman
and Mitchell Kaufman ν ν

June I. Kaulback (COM’50)
and Russell D. Kaulback

Evangeline Kelly and Rudolph Kelly ν ν

James Kennedy and Judith Kennedy ν

George Kent (COM’61) and Joan P. Kent ν

Maria C. Kent (CGS’08, COM’10) ν

Jeffrey S. Kepnes (COM’88)

Mary C. Kerr (COM’02, CAS’02)

Paul Kikuchi and Maida L. Wong ν

Jennifer K. Kim (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Lauren A. Kim (COM’10) ν

Tangela S. Kindell (COM’13) ν

Susan Kinden ν

Danielle V. King (COM’13) ν

Sally Kivney and Thomas B. Kivney ν

Vicki Kleban and Brad Smallridge ν

Sagie S. Kleinlerer (COM’99)

Barbara H. Klimavich
and Joseph Klimavich ν

Cara L. Knox (COM’99) and Eric J. Knox

Bridgett A. Ko (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Jaime M. Kobin (COM’04)

Alexandra Koktsidis (COM’13) ν

Laura Koleniak (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Katherine B. Kowalchek (COM’00)
and Helgi Gunnersson ν

Mary Jane Kowalski (COM’74) ν

Richard Koweek
and Toni G. Koweek ν ν

Jeffrey C. Kraemer (COM’91)
and Nancy A. Kraemer (COM’91) ν

Gerald L. Kramer
and Rochelle L. Kramer ν ν

Geneva Kraus ν

Stephanie A. Kubala (CAS’10) ν

Katherine A. Kudrna (CGS’07, COM’09) ν

Marjorie C. Kufel (COM’53)
and Joseph F. Kufel ν

Karen Kuranda and Michael Kuranda ν

Paul F. Kurtz ν ν

Debra Kurtzman
and Jonathan Kurtzman ν

Kim Kwan and Victor Kwan ν ν

Mark E. Lafer (COM’71)
and Theresa D. Lafer

Kai Shing Lai and Michelle Lai ν ν

Caroline Laiacona
and Joseph Laiacona ν ν

Irene Lam ν

Susan J. Landers (DGE’66, COM’68)
and Robert K. Landers

Samuel A. Landsman (COM’78) ν

Gregg A. Lange (COM’74)
and Beth A. Lange (GSM’79) ν

James A. Lansdowne (COM’13) ν

Susan R. LaPidus (COM’51) ν

Cora C. LaPlante ν ν

Ernest L. Lassiter (COM’63)
and Hannah L. Lassiter ν

Amy D. Lawrence (COM’93, ‘94)
and Mark Lawrence ν

William J. Lazarus ν

Robert A. LeBlanc (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Maura B. LeCroy (COM’83)
and Carl LeCroy

Diane Lee ν

Dorothy M. Lee (DGE’68, COM’70)
and Charles A. Lee ν

Janice J. Lee (COM’13) ν

Karyl Lee ν

Lauren O. Leger (COM’13) ν

Victoria Leikin and Yakov Leikin ν

Laura J. Lemire (COM’12) and Ryan Lemire

Ellen Beth Lescher (SAR’74)
and Mark E. Lescher ν ν

Chiu Y. Leung and Kwong K. Leung ν ν

Eric Levin (COM’71)
and Susan Fruchtman Levin

Gary H. Levin (COM’63) and Amy N. Levin

Benjamin P. Levine (COM’13) ν

Bettie C. Levy (COM’02) ν

Sheryl R. Lewis (COM’67)

Yajie Li (COM’13) ν

Zi Liang (COM’13) ν

Daphne S. Lincoln (COM’94) ν

Jordanna F. Lippe (COM’09)

Chang Liu (COM’09) ν

Nick Liu-Sontag ν

Daniel J. Lloyd (COM’78)
and Martha J. Lloyd

Denise M. Lobb (COM’83)

Georgia M. Locke (CGS’09, COM’11) ν

Joan Loeb ν

Katharine R. Loftus (COM’13) ν

Maggie A. Loh (COM’06)

Vladimir J. Lojko ν

William L. Lombardo (DGE’51, COM’53) and Camille M. Lombardo ν

Alice E. Loper and Mark Straubel ν ν

Emily T. Lorei (COM’13) ν

Scott D. Lothrop (COM’57, ‘59)
and Doris T. Lothrop

Daryl J. Lucas and Ruth Lucas ν

Gellena Lukats (COM’12)

Jaime E. Lutz (COM’12, CAS’12) ν

Stephanie Luz Abrams ν

Chandler C. Lynn (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Maureen A. Lynn and Timothy P. Lynn ν

David C. Mabel (COM’73)
and Robyn B. Mabel ν

Gail Mack (DGE’56, COM’58)

Richard R. Mack (COM’82)
and Aimee T. Mack

Elaina P. MacLean (COM’99)
and Richard J. MacLean ν

Ursula J. Macmillan (COM’90)

Stephen E. Macone (COM’07) ν

Cherith A. MacRitchie (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Mary A. Madden (CGS’90, COM’92)
and David M. Rich

Gene I. Maeroff (COM’62)

Judith S. Maglione (COM’82)
and Phillip A. Maglione ν

Jill M. Maguire (COM’93)
and Michael J. Maguire (CAS’93) ν

Joseph F. Mahan (COM’51, DGE’55, COM’57)
and Donna L. Mahan ν

Joshua R. Mahoney (COM’13) ν

Terrence Maitland (COM’80)

Katie Majeski (COM’08)

Ann A. Malaspina (COM’81)
and Robert W. Harold ν

Patrick J. Malave (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Donald C. Malcolm (DGE’49, COM’51) and Ruth E. Malcolm (PAL’53) ν

Charles D. Malis and Nancy Malis ν

Glen Malkiewicz
and Mary Malkiewicz ν ν

James T. Maloney (COM’76, GSM’81)
and Kathleen M. Wilde

Gina C. Mamelak ν

Susan Mango ν

William R. Manley ν

Linda M. Mantegani
and Peter Mantegani ν ν

Laura J. Marcus (COM’83) ν

KimSu Marder ν

Laura Marie Mariel (COM’13) ν

Julia C. Markowitz (COM’11)

Jacqueline N. Marque (COM’97)

Nancy Marrs (COM’97) ν ν

Richard P. Marrs (COM’51)
and Diane K. Marrs

Lauren M. Marshall (COM’07) ν

Everett S. Martin (DGE’61, COM’63)
and Arlene M. Martin

P. Gail Martin (COM’78, ‘79)
and Thomas H. Martin (GSM’77)

Colleen M. Martorano (COM’13) ν

Joseph Martorano
and Kathleen Martorano ν ν

Mark T. Masciarotte (COM’71)
and Carol L. Masciarotte (SON’71) ν ν

Erica L. Masini (COM’10)

Molly Masland (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Albert A. Mason (COM’63)
and Patricia Mason ν

Edward C. Mason ν ν

Molly E. Masterson (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

George D. Matson (CAS’56)
and Anne S. Matson ν

Thomas H. Matthews (COM’93)

Leah M. Matuson (COM’80)
and Jesse Matuson

Richard E. Maxham (COM’66)
and Cheryl Maxham ν

Elliot E. May (COM’71)

Lisa R. Mayer (COM’85)
and David L. Mayer ν

Nancy Mayer ν ν

Alan E. Mayers (COM’59)
and Emily J. Mayers (STH’59) ν

Daniel G. McAuliffe (CGS’52, COM’54) and Jane Z. McAuliffe ν

Amanda M. McCarthy (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Jillian C. McCarty (COM’13) ν

Christopher J. McChane ν

Lindsey E. McClennen (COM’08)

Shawn McCluskey (CGS’80, COM’82)

Jacqueline McCray ν ν

Kathryn C. McCurdy (CGS’04, COM’06) ν

Kevin M. McDevitt (COM’05) ν

Marie J. McDonald ν

Michael L. McDougall (COM’95)
and Jennifer McDougall ν

Frank McDowell ν

Debra A. McGaughey (COM’79)

Maryanne E. McGlothlin (COM’01)

Robert P. McGoff (CGS’84, COM’86)
and Annemarie McGoff ν

Megan R. McGoldrick (CGS’11)

Carol McGowan and Paul A. McGowan ν

Shea C. McGuier (COM’93) ν

Frank J. McHugh (CGS’61, COM’63)
and Barbara P. McHugh ν ν

James Mcinnes

Kathleen M. Mckenna (COM’84, SED’11) ν

Ashley D. McKeone (CGS’08, COM’10) ν

Anne M. McLaughlin (COM’97) ν

Christopher McMahon
and Dorothea McMahon ν ν

Donna McNierney (COM’68)
and Kevin P. McNierney ν

Thomas A. McNiff (COM’65)
and Shirley P. McNiff

Brenda L. McVerry ν ν

Stephen C. McVerry (COM’13) ν

Elaine F. Mead and Thomas E. Mead ν

Melissa A. Mecca (COM’94) ν

Carolyn B. Meek (COM’65)
and William J. Meek

Elizabeth Mehren ν

Phillip P. Melendez ν

Beth Melnick ν

Tania C. Mesta (COM’13) ν

Christa A. Metropolis (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Allison L. Milam (COM’13, CAS’13) ν

Cassandra L. Miller (COM’06) ν

Maureen M. Milota ν

John L. Milton (COM’71)
and Symantha Milton

Sarah Mirza (COM’06)

Adam A. Molinski (COM’10)

Joseph A. Monestere (COM’99) ν

Alan B. Moore (COM’06) ν

Alicia H. Moore (COM’55)
and Peter L. Moore ν

Catherine A. Moore (COM’10)
and Nicholas B. Anderson (CAS’11)

Estelle R. Moore (COM’55) ν

Mary C. Moore and William H. Moore ν ν

Robert M. Moore (COM’82) ν

Shannon D. Moore (COM’06) ν

Tracy Moore ν ν

Donna S. Morris (COM’81)
and Russell P. Morris

Catherine L. Mortensen (COM’90, CAS’90) and Greg Mortensen ν

Roz Moskovitz (COM’77)

Alana R. Moskowitz (COM’07) ν

Sarah E. Mosser (COM’10, CFA’12)

Alan J. Moyer (COM’72) and Terrell A. Clark

Stephen H. Mulrean
and Susan M. Mulrean ν ν ν

Ursula M. Munn (COM’12) ν

Susan E. Murray (CGS’05, COM’07) ν

Edith M. Muse and Vernon R. Muse ν

Barbara M. Myers and Dieter H. Myers

Meghann M. Myers (COM’09) ν

Beth K. Nakamura (COM’05) ν

Devika Narayan (CAS’13, COM’13) ν

Saloni Narula (COM’13) ν

Irma Navarro and Robert Navarro ν

Michael C. Neff (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Jean M. Newton and Michael J. Newton ν

Siobhan M. Nguyen (COM’09)

Alyce M. Nicolo (COM’07) ν ν

Jenna M. Nierstedt (COM’10) ν

Roseann Nitz and Scott W. Nitz ν

Joseph J. Nolan (COM’89) ν

Jesse Novak ν

Jill S. Novak and Richard E. Novak ν

Daniel O’Brien and Maureen O’Brien ν ν

Patrick C. O’Brien (COM’13) ν

Joel R. Obuchowski (COM’91)

Carol L. O’Donnell
and Frank O’Donnell ν ν

Emily O’Donnell (COM’13)

Joseph J. O’Donnell (COM’73) ν

John A. Oliphant (COM’68)
and Patricia A. Oliphant ν

Anne S. Olshan (COM’89, CAS’89)
and John K. Olshan (MET’89)

Christopher T. O’Neil (COM’05)
and April J. O’Neil ν

Nicholas L. Onorato (COM’51)
and Elizabeth S. Onorato ν

Alexandra A. Orr (COM’13) ν

Jodi C. O’Shaughnessy (COM’96)

Adam M. Ostrowski (COM’04) ν

Stephanie R. Otalora (COM’07, CAS’07) ν

Peter M. Overby (COM’72)
and Alexandra A. Roth

David L. Owen and Patricia A. Owen ν

Emily L. Paccione (COM’13) ν

Shannon K. Page (COM’11) ν

Barbara J. Palmer (COM’48)
and Paul S. Palmer (CAS’48) ν

Pamela Palmer (COM’72, GSM’83)
and Robert W. Palmer ν

Rachael A. Palmisano (COM’12) ν

Eugene A. Paltrineri (DGE’51, COM’56) and Elenora D. Paltrineri ν

Maria Panagopoulos (COM’94)
and Peter T. Panagopoulos (COM’93)

Eileen Paris

Karol W. Parker (COM’89)

Patricia Howard-Parnoff
and Richard L. Parnoff ν

Peter G. Parsons (COM’65)

Marvin H. Pave (CGS’64, COM’66)

A. John Pearson (COM’62)
and Carol L. Pearson

Sophia M. Perlstein (COM’13) ν

Alan Perry and Suzanne M. Perry ν ν

Martha B. Pesa (COM’86)
and Jack Bakinowski ν

John G. Peters (COM’76)
and Laurie A. Peters

Jordan E. Petersen (COM’13) ν

L. Dena Petersen (COM’73) ν

Christopher R. Peucker (COM’13) ν

Colleen E. Pham (COM’01)
and Chinh Pham

Jeffrey D. Phelps ν

Lauren E. Philbrook ν

M. Deborah Philipchuck
and Michael Philipchuck ν

Shirley N. Phillips (COM’50) ν

Stephen W. Phillips (COM’60)
and Barbara K. Phillips ν

Virginia Pietruszka ν

Julie D. Pignatiello (COM’05)
and Carmen P. Pignatiello ν

Alistair G. Pim ν

Gregory A. Platt and Veronica B. Platt ν ν

Lisa Plosker and Robert Plosker ν ν

Corinne Pluche ν ν

Sandra M. Pochapin (COM’79)
and Peter Kachajian

Florence Z. Polens (COM’41, SMG’41)
and Irwin S. Polens

Francis H. Polom and Sandra D. Polom ν ν

Gary D. Pomerantz (COM’90, CAS’90) and Lourdes Pomerantz ν

Michael Ponterotto (COM’08)

Gerald R. Powers (COM’56) ν

Justin N. Premo (COM’12)

Amy E. Prenner (COM’94)

Steve Pressley (COM’75) and
Lynn M. Holloman-Pressley (SMG’78)

Ray O. Priest (COM’65, COM’69)

Douglas A. Propp (COM’83)

Jamie F. Pschorr (COM’01)

Elizabeth Puglisi and Frank P. Puglisi ν ν

Carolyn A. Purcell (DGE’53, COM’55)
and Alfred J. Purcell ν

Susan M. Pyne ν

Scheherazade Quiroga Iasiello (COM’10)

Barbara S. Rabinovitz (COM’68)

Casey C. Rackham (COM’13)

Janet Raffalow and Richard Raffalow ν ν

Melissa R. Raffalow (COM’12)

James Raible and Michelle Raible ν ν

Samantha R. Rajotte (COM’11)

Jennifer M. Ramella (COM’95)

Mariana Ramirez Navarrete (COM’13) ν

Dale Raspen and Karen Raspen ν ν

Mindy A. Ravitch ν ν

Edward Ray ν

Christina Reilly (COM’94) ν

Meghan K. Reilly (COM’13) ν

Hugh J. Reinhard (COM’53) ν

Jean C. Reinhard (COM’77) ν

Rachel L. Reiss (COM’08) ν

Richard B. Reitman (COM’67)
and Sandra Reitman

Elizabeth R. Ress (COM’09)

Nancy L. Reuning and Thomas Reuning ν ν

Richard A. Ricardi (COM’94)

Marla A. Rich (COM’87)
and Scott A. Rich ν

Robert E. Richman (COM’61)
and Gilda E. Richman ν

Benjamin L. Rivers (COM’82)
and Susan E. Conbere ν

Natalie F. Rizk (COM’13) ν

Amanda L. Roberts (COM’13) ν

Jane D. Roberts (DGE’57, COM’59) ν

Anne Robertson and John Robertson ν ν

Jodi B. Rodgers (COM’92) and Ivan Block

Christopher Rogers (COM’96) ν

Frederick F. Rogers (CGS’67, COM’69)

Kevin E. Roland (COM’79) ν

Arielle K. Rollins (COM’10)

Donna M. Rollins and Michael E. Rollins ν ν

Blair L. Rosen (COM’09) ν

Rachel Rosen (CGS’00, COM’02)

Caryn L. Rosenblatt (COM’84)

Wendy C. Rosenzweig (COM’84)
and Marty Rosenzweig ν

Peggy P. Rosoff (COM’73)

Debra Rubel and Steven Rubel ν ν

Phillip S. Rubin (COM’64)
and Laurie K. Rubin (SSW’73) ν

Carl E. Rubinstein (COM’59)
and Judith F. Rubinstein (SED’59) ν

Kate Ruebenson ν

Christopher Rueli (CGS’07, COM’09) ν

Nicol Rupolo and Vincent Rupolo ν

David H. Rusheen (COM’13) ν

Paul J. Ryan (COM’13) ν

Frederick A. Ryder and Paula M. Ryder ν ν

Amanda T. Sabga (COM’13) ν

Jerome D. Sachar and Lili Sachar ν

Thomasina C. Sacrison (COM’75)
and Charles R. Sacrison ν

Emily E. Saka (COM’13) ν

Eileen Samberg and Larry Samberg ν

Stephanie L. Sampiere (COM’97)

Paul M. Sanchez (COM’70)
and Edith H. Sanchez ν

Staffan B. Sandberg (COM’88)
and Suzanne Sandberg

Parminder S. Sandhu (ENG’90)
and Navjot Sandhu ν ν

Ashby C. Saunders (COM’58, ‘60)
and Virginia S. Saunders

Roberta Savage ν

Edward Saviano and Julie Saviano ν

Michael J. Scippa (DGE’69, COM’71)
and Sara E. Haynes

Janet Schaad ν

Julie Scheinthal and Steven Scheinthal ν ν

Karen K. Schmidt and Robert T. Schmidt ν ν

Kathleen Schoener ν

Justin M. Schrager (COM’00) ν

Alan G. Schreihofer (COM’74) and
Cynthia B. Schreihofer (DGE’59, COM’61) ν

Nina Schultz ν

Greg Schumacher and Linda D. Schumacher

Leslie A. Schuster (COM’82)

Deborah Schwab and Gary S. Schwab

Andrew L. Schwartz (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Jerry Schwartz and Simone Schwartz ν ν

Christine F. Segalas (COM’87)

Alessandra M. Segreto (COM’10)

David B. Seibel ν

Sumner R. Selby (COM’53)
and Myrna E. Selby ν

Bonnie P. Selway (COM’70)
and Thomas N. Hastings

Luis Serapiao ν ν

Anthony C. Serrano (COM’08) ν

Shruthi Seshadri (COM’13) ν

Annmarie D. Shafer (COM’08, CFA’14) ν ν

Armen Shahinian and Brenda Shahinian ν ν

Eric P. Shahinian (COM’10)

Vivian Shatz (COM’53) and Sherman F. Shatz ν

Edwin H. Shaul (CGS’61, COM’63)
and Muriel P. Shaul (SON’80) ν

Carolyn Shea and Francis Shea ν

Robert E. Shea (CGS’57, COM’59, SED’60) and Jeanette D. Shea

Bailey K. Sheats (COM’11)

Jonathan H. Shedler (COM’13) ν

Michael Shedler and Mindy Shedler ν

Kathy D. Sheehan (COM’77) and Bruce Boyle

David H. Sheon (COM’87)

Laurel Sheridan (COM’75) ν

Frank W. Sherman (COM’59)
and Carolyn M. Sherman

Lucy C. Sherman (COM’10) ν

Antonia W. Shields and George Shields ν

Abiodun O. Shobowale (CGS’76, COM’78, GRS’81) ν

Dana L. Shockley (COM’90)

Karolina Shoikhet Obregon (COM’96)
and Rene Obregon

Joel Shoner ν

Randy L. Showstack (COM’79)

Hannah M. Shrader (COM’13) ν

Richard C. Siegel (CGS’65, COM’67)
and Laurie A. Siegel

Diane G. Sierpina (COM’76)
and Theodore M. Sierpina ν

Emily B. Silberstein (COM’13) ν

Davia N. Sills (COM’12)

Richard R. Silverlieb (DGE’66, COM’68) and Belle Silverlieb

Erica L. Silverman (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Amanda E. Silvia (COM’04)

Ian W. Sinclair (COM’81)
and Barbara D. Sinclair

Arthur J. Singer (SMG’60, COM’61)
and Donna L. Singer (CAS’62)

Roberta A. Singman ν ν

Debra J. Sirkin (COM’85)
and Brian MacLeod ν

Kim A. Sisto and Louis D. Sisto ν

Wendy Skelton ν

Ana M. Skidmore (COM’13) ν

Kamaal Skillings (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Dominic F. Slowey (COM’81) ν

Francis K. Smith (COM’56)
and Myrna L. Smith ν

Janet W. Smith (DGE’57, COM’59) ν

Margo G. Smith (COM’05) ν

Mary Smith and Peter Smith ν ν

Minerva Smith and Theodore A. Smith ν ν

Roneil A. Smith (COM’13) ν

Ruth G. Smith (COM’74, ‘76)
and Charles D. Smith (LAW’72) ν

Rachel F. Smith-Jones (COM’99)
and Travis A. Jones ν

Diane T. Smith-Utegg and Arno E. Utegg ν ν

Michele Smotrys and Steven Smotrys ν ν

Charles Smukler (COM’71)
and Marguerite M. Smukler ν

Thomas Smyth and Tina Smyth ν ν

Alison D. Snyder

Jackie Sofia-Hawkins ν ν

Marisa R. Sola ν

John P. Sorgini (COM’54)
and Christine E. Sorgini ν

Alison Southworth (COM’11)

Estefania Souza (COM’13) ν

Lauren S. Souza (COM’84) ν

Ruth E. Soybel (COM’69)
and William M. Soybel

Karen A. Spataro (COM’00) ν

Nancy Spencer ν

Jane Sper ν ν

George C. Speridakos
and Irene C. Speridakos ν

Marissa A. Squeri (COM’13) ν

Geri L. Squire and Lee Squire ν

Janet E. Stansel and Ray P. Stansel ν

Barbara A. Staszak (COM’77) and Christopher C. Staszak (COM’76, GSM’86) ν ν

Rick Stein (COM’97)

Royce J. Stern (CGS’64, COM’66) ν

Nevah L. Stevenson (COM’87)
and Brad Stevenson ν

Whitney Stewart-Gravel (COM’69) ν

Gregory N. Stone (COM’84)

Alexandra M. Strain (COM’05)

Gary Strickland and Marybeth Strickland ν

Thomas Sullivan and Yve Sullivan ν ν

Yuchen Sun (COM’13, CAS’13) ν

Debbie G. Supnik (CGS’70, COM’72)
and Paul D. Supnik

Jeffrey G. Swartz and Susan R. Swartz ν

Robert W. Swedberg (COM’56)
and Constance M. Swedberg

Brigid L. Sweeney (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Laura R. Syre (CGS’81, COM’83)
and Steven W. Syre

Jane E. Tague ν ν

Yin Tang (COM’12) ν

Carissa R. Tatem (COM’13) ν

Miguel A. Tavarez (COM’06) ν

Karl Thallner and Marian Thallner ν

Derna Thomas ν

James F. Thompson (COM’99) ν

Jeremy Thompson ν

Paul E. Thompson (COM’68)
and Gwen Thompson ν

Hans G. Tiedtke and Mary E. Tiedtke ν ν

Amedee D. Timmer (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Benjamin J. Timmins (COM’11)

Patricia Tocci and Paul I. Tocci ν ν

David S. Torres (CGS’11, COM’13, CAS’13) ν

Linda Towle and Mike Towle ν

Lawrence R. Townley (COM’85)
and Frances A. Marchankevicz ν

David E. Tracy and Linda F. Tracy ν

Charlene C. Trapp (COM’98)
and Chris Trapp ν

Kenneth A. Tremaine (COM’53)
and Elizabeth J. Tremaine (CFA’55)

Raymond J. Tremblay (COM’67)

Mary B. Troy (COM’66) ν

Marissa S. Truitt ν

David B. Truslow (CGS’57, COM’60)
and Jo A. Truslow

Carol Tucker and Mitchell Tucker ν ν

Stefanie G. Tuder (COM’10) ν

Donald T. Turner and Patricia B. Turner ν

Ellen M. Tuttle (COM’87) ν

Michelle D. Upton (CGS’91, COM’93)
and Russell J. Upton ν

Richard A. Usifer (COM’81)
and Raisa A. Usifer ν

Jeffrey A. Uvezian (CGS’73, COM’75)
and Linda Simidian

Keya Vakil (COM’13) ν

Ashley L. Varela (COM’12) ν

Thomas G. Vellner (COM’13) ν

Cynthia Ventre-Hewitt (COM’94)

Peter D. Verdecchia ν ν

Mihika S. Verma (COM’10) ν

Michael J. Vitali and Nanette Vitali

Jared J. Vizzi (SMG’11) ν

Evanthea Vlahakis (COM’83) ν

Hung P. Vong ν

Natasha K. Waibel (COM’07) ν

Elaine T. Walker (COM’65) ν

John L. Walkley (COM’68) ν

Hugh S. Wallace (DGE’51, COM’53, ‘55) and Phyllis Wallace

Diana R. Wallach (COM’00)
and Jordan D. Wallach ν

Odette Walsh (COM’84)
and William T. Walsh ν

Jennifer P. Ware (COM’80)
and Stephen Ellis ν

Denise L. Warne and Thomas P. Warne ν ν

Rachel A. Wasdyke (COM’11) ν

Jeremy S. Wasser (CGS’11, COM’13) ν

Hazel Watkinson

Cathy A. Watterson
and Thomas F. Watterson ν ν

Caroline Webber and John T. Webber

Edward Weber and Terri Weber ν

Luis Weil and Suzanne Weil ν ν

Richard M. Weiner (COM’52)
and Eleanor M. Weiner ν ν

Cecile H. Weintraub (COM’68) ν

Barbara S. Wenger and Phillip M. Wenger ν ν

Sharon M. Wheeler (COM’90)

Elizabeth R. White (COM’86)

Walter Whitley (COM’87)

Diane Wiffin (COM’72) ν

Elaine M. Wilcox (COM’76) ν

Jeffrey S. Williams (COM’08, SED’12) ν ν

Samuel B. Williams (COM’95)
and Jennifer B. Williams

Vonda K. Willoughby (CGS’91, COM’93)

Deland L. Wing (CGS’05, CAS’07) ν

Danielle N. Winter (COM’13) ν

Anna M. Wistran Wolfe (COM’99)

Merrill C. Witty (COM’72)
and Jonathan L. Witty ν

Barry Wojtcuk and Kathleen M. Wojtcuk ν ν

Matthew N. Wood (COM’02) ν

Richard E. Woolbert (CGS’11) ν

Ralph E. Worthing (DGE’50, COM’52) ν

Kelly M. Wrather (COM’09) ν

Donald L. Wright and Pamela J. Wright ν ν

Daniel A. Wroclawski (COM’13) ν

Xinyan Wu (COM’13) ν

Hannah J. Wurzel (COM’11)

Amanda S. Wybolt (CGS’06, COM’08) ν

Suzanne F. Wyman (COM’13) ν

Meghan K. Wynne (COM’06)
and Dennis M. Wynne ν

Wayne A. Yankus (COM’66)
and Patricia L. Yankus (SED’66)

Sonja D. Yarbrough (COM’80) ν

Fred Yen ν

Carolyn A. Yenrick and David M. Yenrick ν ν

Christine H. Young (COM’79)
and Henry A. Young ν

Debra S. Young (COM’76)
and Arnold M. Young

Phyllis Zagano (COM’70) ν

Joseph E. Zeitler (COM’64)

Leora R. Zeitlin (COM’83)
and Stuart S. Kelter

Lisa N. Zelig (COM’10)

Shuangshuang Zhang (COM’13, CAS’13) ν

Rita Ziegler (COM’52) ν

Barry D. Ziff (COM’64)
and Barbara R. Ziff (CFA’64) ν

Lauren Zilm (COM’13) ν

Alexis Zinberg (COM’99)
and Andrew Zinberg ν

Janna Zinzi (COM’02) ν

Ashley R. Zolenski (COM’07) ν

Judy A. Zone (COM’75)


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