Why I Give

Why I Give

Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

When angry citizens took to the streets of South Boston in the 1970s to protest the city’s controversial busing mandate, Dwight Hilson (’81) covered the scene. He remembers the noise, the racist displays, and his anxiety at being in the thick of it all. But Hilson’s reporting wasn’t for the Boston press; it was for his journalism class at COM.

“It was expected that we would get out there and actually work,” says Hilson. That practical, hands-on education, and the positive impact it had on Hilson’s career, is a major reason he’s a consistent financial supporter of COM.

A self-described “recovering businessperson” and a fiction writer, Hilson has worn plenty of hats in his career, from railroad manager to restaurant owner to producer-distributor for David Carradine’s Tai Chi Workout. Whenever he pursued media work, his COM training was a big help. “I don’t think it’s a surprise,” he says, “that those are the most successful ventures in my business career.”

Hilson gives specifically to COM, he explains, because he knows those funds will directly benefit the College and its students. COM, he says, deserves the resources to keep it one of the top-rated programs in the country.

“If I can’t write the big checks,” he says, “I can at least show my appreciation for how much COM meant to the early development of my career.”
Julie Rattey

Please visit, or contact Steve Schaefer, Assistant Dean of Development & Alumni Relations (617-358-6322;, to learn more about giving to COM.

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