Filmic Triumph

Maggie Kimball (’12) whoops it up after taking the top prize at the 2012 Redstone Film Festival in Boston in February. Kimball wrote, directed and edited Entrapped, a quirky comedy about a young woman’s attempts to ditch a needy boyfriend.

Maggie Kimball

Photo by Katherine Taylor

“I’m shocked I won. I was hoping for maybe third place,” Kimball told BU Today. “I think people could relate to my film because everyone’s gone through a crazy or bad breakup.”

This was the 32nd edition of the annual festival, sponsored by Viacom chair Sumner Redstone (Hon.’94). Forty COM students submitted their short films to a committee of alumni, who winnowed the field to six. These finalists were judged by a panel of film biz professionals.

Patrick Ritch (’12) took first place in the Redstone West festival in Los Angeles, for his film Limbus, while Bill Folman (’04) won the new alumni competition with Selling the Scandal Plan. Rachel Tesler (’13) won the Fleder/Rosenberg screenplay competition.

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