Portrait of an Artist

Jan Egleson’s vook (yes, vook) Zero combines text, graphics and video to tell the story of his artist father’s traumatic wartime experiences and later struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Egleson is a writer, a film director and an associate professor of the professional practice in COM’s film and television department. Soon after he discovered his father’s old journals, photos and watercolors, as well as archival film footage of an attack on his aircraft carrier in the South Pacific, he realized the story would fit neatly in neither a documentary nor a book.

“The question became, how could all this material, film and photos and artwork and journals, be combined into something artful?” says Egleson. “Then, in a moment of cultural serendipity, the digital revolution brought forth the iPad.”

Egleson collaborated on the project with award-winning designer and illustrator Kseniya Galper.


Jan Egleson's Zero: A Graphic Memoir is available from Vook in the iTunes App Store.


When Jan Egleson discovered his father’s sketchbooks and journals, he came to understand the elder Egleson’s long struggle with PTSD, stemming from a kamikaze attack in the South Pacific.


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