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University-wide Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training for Faculty and Staff

This webpage contains information, updates, and instructions for the Sexual Misconduct/Harassment and Discrimination Prevention trainings for faculty and staff. Students should refer to the Student Health Services informational webpage on the Sexual Assault Prevention Course for information on the student trainings.

Background on the Training

In February of 2018, the Provost announced to the community through email, website communication, and a BU Today article that Boston University would be moving to implement mandatory University-wide sexual misconduct training for all students, faculty, and staff. On July 11, 2018, the faculty and staff training courses were made available to take through the Terrier eDevelopment Learning Management Platform (LMS). On September 26, 2018, courses were formally “assigned” to faculty and staff based on employment roles and responsibilities, and they were required to complete assigned courses by November 15, 2018. On March 5, 2019, the Provost announced consequences for non-completion.

Going forward, all new employees (faculty and staff) are required to complete the course(s) two weeks from their starting date. New students are assigned the course(s) at the start of the fall and spring semesters and asked to complete by a specific date.

On this Page:

 Instructions to Access the Training, Frequently Asked Questions, Course Assignments


Instructions to Access the University-wide Sexual Misconduct Prevention Trainings in Terrier eDevelopment

The Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training Courses/curriculum were assigned to faculty and staff on Sept. 26, and completion is due by November 15, 2018. The training are accessible through the Terrier eDevelopment Learning Management System. Instructions  on how to access the Sexual Misconduct courses/curriculum through the LMS are available in several formats:

  1. Basic Written Instructions (below on this webpage)
  2. Instructions to Access the University-wide Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training Assignment in Terrier eDevelopment
  3. Video Instructions (Video tutorial)

1. Written Instructions on How to Access the Training Courses in the LMS

Courses/curriculums are accessible by logging into Terrier eDevelopment [URL: http://terrieredev.bu.edu/] using your Kerberos credentials. Employees can complete the courses over several sessions; individual progress is saved in the system.

Step 1: Log into the Terrier eDevelopment LMS using your Kerberos credentials.

Step 2: Employees will find the assigned training in the My Learning section of the homepage. See the red circle in the screen-shot below as a reference. Click on Assigned to access the training assignment.

    2. PDF Instructions to Access the University-wide Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training Assignment in Terrier eDevelopment
    The PDF Instructions contain more detailed directions.

    3. Video Instructions

    Video also available on the BU MyMedia website.

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    Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)


    • Q – Which course do I have to take?
      The PDF Instructions include a detailed chart on page 2 that describes the training assignments for both employee and student populations. They are also included as a chart at the bottom of this page. Courses are assigned to employee populations based on their status as a faculty or staff member, with additional consideration given to those employees who supervise others. Students are assigned to a student-specific course for undergraduate and graduate populations.
    • Q – I have dual status as both an employee and a student. Which course will I have to take? Populations who are both employees and students have to take multiple courses assigned to them based on their student and employee status/roles. The courses are tailored to each population, and the student course is different than the employee course(s).
    • Q – How will I know when I have completed the course?
      You will receive an email confirming that you have completed the course. Your profile in the LMS should also reflect that you have completed the course.
    • Q – How will my supervisor know I completed the training?
      They have access to a reporting feature through the LMS (available at this quick link) that allows them to run a report on who has completed the training. Completion takes about 12 hours to show up on a supervisors profile, so if it does not show up immediately, please allow for one business day.
    • Q – Can I stop the course in the middle and begin where I left off? (Do I have to take the entire course in one sitting?)
      Once you begin a module, you can start and stop your training and your progress is saved, except in the middle of a video. Please note that the percentage of completion only records 3 times, beginning (0%), halfway through (50%) and completed (100%). If you log out and back in to the course, the time you have spent on the course should be accurate, but the % will most-likely not be. If you reload the page and would like to resuming where the you left off (if it did not do this automatically), within the course itself there is a horizontal menu across the top right-hand side of the browser window. Click the “MENU” option to see the sections of the course. You can move within sections already completed.
    • Q – How long do the courses take to complete? Completion times depend upon the individual taking the course. However, we have compiled approximations for each course:
      • Employee Courses
        • EVERFI Non-Supervisor Harassment and Discrimination Prevention ~ 105 minutes
        • EVERFI Supervisor Harassment and Discrimination Prevention ~ 150 minutes
        • EVERFI Bridges: Building a Supportive Community ~ 50 minutes
        • BU Sexual Misconduct Information for Faculty ~ 20 minutes
      • Student Courses: 
        • EVERFI Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate students ~ 90 minutes
        • EVERFI Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate students ~ 90 minutes
        • EVERFI Sexual Assault Prevention for Student Athletes ~ 45 minutes
        • EVERFI AlcoholEdu for College Students ~ 120 minutes
    • Q – I am a manager/supervisor. How can I see completion information for the employees who report to me?
      The Learning Management System has a self-service feature, available through this quick link, that allows managers to look up completion reports for the employees that report to them. An instructional document has been created to show you how to run completion reports on your employees. The instructions are available here: How to Access Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training Status Report.
    • Q – I have questions about the requirement or the content. Who should I contact?
      Please contact the Title IX Office, at titleix@bu.edu. More information on the Title IX Office can be found on the Boston University Safety Webpage devoted to Title IX.
    • Q – I took the training, and have since been promoted to a supervisory role. Will I have to take the training over?
      Yes, if you have been promoted to a supervisory position, you will be required to complete the Supervisor Harassment and Discrimination Prevention training. This is required even if you previously completed a non-supervisor requirement. Upon launching the course, you may receive a message indicating that, “You already completed this course” (see screen-shot below). Please click Retake to continue through that message and onto the activity. Please submit a ticket to ithelp@bu.edu if you have any questions.


    • Q- I am having issues with getting the course to launch. What should I do?
      The courses are configured to be accessible and “Mobile First” meaning you can complete them from anywhere (a phone or tablet). Once you begin the module, you can take a break at any time, except in the middle of a video, and your progress will be saved.
      Here are some troubleshooting tips:

      • Recommended Browser: The latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox are recommended.  Internet Explorer is no longer supported.
      • Enable Cookies: Third party cookies need to be enabled to take the training (they likely are unless the trainee has changed this setting or has a plugin that blocks these).
      • Enable Pop-ups: Pop-ups will need to be allowed from the URL https://bostonuniversity.sumtotal.host/. The trainee should try to enable popups entirely, do the training, and then disable them again after. If you see a message about mixed content, you will want to allow this also. If the browser is attempting to display mixed content, it will provide you with this notice in the URL bar with a notification, and you can click this notification to allow this.
    • Q – Need technical help?
      For technical help accessing the training, please contact the IS&T Service Desk by sending an email to ithelp@bu.edu or calling 617-353-HELP (4357).
      Information about the LMS generally can be found on a BU TechWeb page.


    • Q – I am a new employee. Do I have to complete the training(s), how will I receive notice, and how long do I have to complete the module(s)?
      All new employees (faculty and staff) receive an email within a few days of their start date, notifying them that they have two weeks to complete the training(s). The email comes from the Learning Management System, but the body of the faculty message is from Provost Morrison, and the staff email is from Vice President for Human Resources Diane Tucker. If the new employee fails to complete the module, they will receive an overdue notice three weeks from their start date.
    • Q – As a Staff person, can I take the Supervisor Harassment & Discrimination Course even though I’m not a supervisor/manager?
      No, not as currently assigned. As a non-manager, the Supervisor Harassment & Discrimination Course will not show up in the “Assigned” section of Terrier eDevelopment, and it will not be accessible through a search. The courses are locked down so that only the “assigned” population can access the course.
    • Q- Can my manager make me take the Supervisor Harassment & Discrimination course even though I am not a manager or supervisor?
      Your manager, at their discretion, may require you to take the Supervisor Harassment and Discrimination Course due to your job responsibilities even if you do not manage direct reports. You or your manager will need to request special access in order to enable you to take the Supervisor training.
    Training Assignments
    Course Required Population
    EVERFI Non-Supervisor Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Staff
    EVERFI Supervisor Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Supervisory Staff
    Curriculum Courses Required Population
    Faculty Supervisors 1.   BU Sexual Misconduct Information for Faculty

    2.   EVERFI Supervisor Harassment & Discrimination Prevention


    Faculty designated as managers in SAP, including among others, Deans, Associate Deans, Department Chairs, Department Directors, Program Directors, and Center Directors. If you supervise others, including student employees, please take the EVERFI course for Supervisors.
    All Other Faculty 1.   BU Sexual Misconduct Information for Faculty

    2.   EVERFI Bridges: Building a Supportive Community

    All faculty except
    those designated as managers in SAP


      Graphic Representation of Course Assignments