President: Robert A. Brown
Provost: Jean Morrison
Provost of the Medical Campus: Karen H. Antman
Senior Vice President for External Relations: Stephen P. Burgay

Boston University Government & Community Affairs
121 Bay State Road
Boston, Massachusetts 02215
Phone: 617-353-9095

Vice President: Robert Donahue
      Manager of Administration: Noreen Rooney

Assistant Vice President of Government & Community Affairs: Michelle Consalvo
      Director of City Relations:  Kenneth Ryan
      Director of Government Policy:  Meredith Mooney

      Director of Community Relations: Elizabeth Leary

      Executive Director of Community Relations/MED: Valeda Britton
      Assistant Director of Community Relations/MED: Chimel Idiokitas

Information 353-2300
Visitors Welcome Center 353-2318
Art Gallery 353-3329
Events 353-3838
Facilities 353-4632
Boston Medical Center
Administrative Offices 638-8100
Geriatric Home Care 638-6100
Health Connections 638-6767
Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine 638-4700
Hospital Information 638-8000
School of Medicine 638-5300
School of Public Health 638-4640
BU Police Department 353-2121
Campus Information & Visitor Relations 353-INFO (4636)
College of Arts & Sciences 353-3350
College of Communication 353-3450
College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences:
Sargent College
Community Service Center 353-4710
Dean of Students 353-4126
Dental Health Center
Charles River Campus 358-1000
Medical Campus 638-4670
Government & Community Affairs
Information 353-9095
Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra 353-3348
Human Resources 353-2380
Huntington Theatre Company 266-7900
Marsh Chapel 353-3560
Mugar Memorial Library 353-3732
Observatory 353-2630
School of Education 353-4233
School of Social Work 353-3750
Student Activities Office 353-3635
University Operator 353-2000
WBUR FM 90.9 353-2790

For programs not listed please call the University Operator (353-2000) or Government & Community affairs (353-7371). The University’s area code is 617.