The Library at Comm. Ave Fair

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September 1st, 2010

From Natalie CFA ’11…

Today was the first ever Comm Ave Fair at Boston University!…. and I
hope it is not the last. I did not get to see all that this event had
to offer, but from where I stood (the Mugar Library table) and from
what I heard, Comm Ave Fair was a complete success. I was amazed to
see all the people participating in the activities around our table.
I, of course, expected to see a ton of people come out for all the
free food and do-dads–who doesn’t want free cotton candy??– but it
was great to see students take part in all the games and activities! I
was especially proud of all the traffic that our table received. We
had so many students come to our table trying to figure out the puzzle
or a pun in order to win a $25 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble,
and, not surprisingly, a ton of students chose the simplest option of
just submitting their name and email address into the raffle. Can’t
wait to see who the three lucky raffle winners are! I was really happy
to see our coloring books go over so well, too. I loved hearing
commentary about how excited some students were to see crayons and a
coloring book. I have to admit that crayons and a colorless page make
my eyes light up a bit. What was even greater to see was all the
people get their picture taken in our photo booth. I didn’t expect
there to be too many students itching to place there faces on top of a
stick figure body, but I guess I forgot about the ever-popular “face-
in-hole” fad. We even had some BU celebs like Dean Elmore and John
Battaglino jump into booth, too! Was it hot out today? Yes. But did
everyone seem to have an awesome time? YES. Today went so well that I
hear there are some more Comm Ave Fairs in BU’s future, and–not to
start any rumors— maybe even a Winter Fest…? We’ll see what
happens! =)