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Alumna wins international physics journalism prize

Cynthia Graber (’00), alumna of the Graduate Program in Science Journalism at Boston University, was recently awarded the Institute of Physics Journalism Prize, a top award in the physics journalism world. In the feature, Electric Shock: Could electricity be the key to unlocking human regeneration?, the Somerville-based freelance print and radio journalist looks at the… Read More

Starr: Dracula was the original thug

In a recent article published by Slate Magazine, Science Journalism Prof. Douglas Starr claims today’s interpretation of Dracula is very different from the original character in Bram Stoker’s eponymous 1897 novel. As Starr writes, “He was the very model of a thug.” Starr connects the dots between Bram’s Dracula and Italian psychologist Cesare Lombroso, who… Read More

Starr investigates origins of forensic science in new book

This fall will see the publication of Professor Douglas Starr’s new book, The Killer of Little Shepherds (Knopf). The book, a nonfiction historical narrative, tells the story of the doctors who pioneered forensic science interwoven with that of a notorious serial killer who was apprehended and convicted with their techniques. The story takes place in… Read More

Student writers and magazines win SPJ awards

Have you ever watched a character on shows like Lost, Baywatch or The Office do CPR? In real life, the victims would die, says Meredith Sorensen, whose article “CPR: As Seen on TV” points out the flawed techniques the entertainment industry presents to the public as accurate portraits of modern medicine. Sorensen’s article in the… Read More

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