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Boston 2024 Report: Olympian Task or Guaranteed Gold?

Amid divided public support and concerns about funding, the bid to bring the 2024 Summer Olympic Games here continues as the Boston committee met with the International Olympic Committee in Switzerland today. This special report looks at the pros, the cons, the athletes and the potential roles that Boston’s renowned institutions of higher learning could… Read More

Students visit world’s largest broadcast control room

Prof. Susan Walker peers into the largest television broadcast control room in the world, where audio and video are prepared for an estimated audience of 4.8 billion people. Photo by Keesa McKoy. The image factory of the London Olympics is found at the International Broadcast House alongside the Olympic Park in London. That’s where the… Read More

Where the Mo-Jos (Mobile Journalists) Live

Victoria Price, Brittany Devane, Marie Torto, Professor Susan Walker, Keesa McKoy, Matt Reed, and Justin Bourke at Getty Images center at London Olympics Press Center. Photo courtesy of Keesa McKoy. Ever wonder how 23,000 journalists are able to cover the Olympics, with its scattered venues, enormous crowds and transportation delays? Boston University students visited the… Read More

Olympic coverage spans sports, politics & business

From the streets to the stadium, student reporters in BU’s London Olympics program have covered many stories of the 2012 London Olympics. Among them: Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s visit, a high school chorus group from Mass. performing in London and the BBC’s plan to broadcast the Games. Students have interviewed spectators, athletes, journalists and… Read More

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