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In National Survey, Americans Say Chinese People Are Blameless for Coronavirus Spread

Most Americans say the people of China are not to blame for the spread of COVID-19, but many believe China’s government owes reparations to those harmed by the virus, according to a new national survey by Boston University researchers. Researchers collected data from 2,049 respondents interviewed between April 24 and May 7, 2020, in a… Read More

The Search for Truth in the Age of Social Media

It’s what the chattering classes have been chattering about since election day—the wave of fake news that rolled through America’s political discourse in the 2016 presidential campaign via social media, swamping voters with false reports ranging from the pope endorsing Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton helping run a child sex ring at a Washington pizzeria…. Read More

Professor Profile: James Katz

Feld Professor of Emerging Media; Director, Division of Emerging Media Studies; Executive Director, Center for Mobile Communication Studies How did you become involved in the emerging media field? I have had a lifelong interest in interpersonal communication technology, starting with the rotary dial telephone in the days before there was such a thing as a… Read More

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