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Living with Television Now: Advances in Cultivation Theory and Research

George Gerbner’s cultivation theory provides a framework for the analysis of relationships between television viewing and attitudes and beliefs about the world. Since the 1970s, cultivation analysis has been a lens through which to examine television’s contributions to conceptions of violence, sex roles, political attitudes and numerous other phenomena. Hundreds of studies during this time… Read More

CRC at the National Communication Association convention

The following papers were presented by CRC Researchers at the National Communication Association convention (New Orleans, LA): From Lumpy Rutherford to Nelson Muntz: A Content Analysis of Bullying in Sitcoms Patrice Oppliger Alexandra Sear The Violence Profile: Cable Programs James Shanahan David Blumberg Allyson Galle Joe Hamel Olivia Neir The Violence Profile: Alienation, Gloom and… Read More

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