Boston University
Friday, September 29 and Saturday, September 30
SMG (School of Management), Room 105
595 Commonwealth Ave.

Guest of Honor: Matthias Müller

U.S. Premiere of
(Matthias Müller, Christoph Girardet, 2006)
Canal+ Award, Cannes Intl. Film Festival, 2006

Day 1: September 29, 2006
Time Session
12:00Opening Remarks
Dean, College of Communication
Conference Director
Matthias Müller
12:30Screening Program 1
The Memo Book
Sleepy Haven
Scattering Stars
Home Stories
 Short Break
2:00Panel 1
1.) Christine N. Brinckmann
"Idiosyncracies of Structure in Matthias Müller's Films"
2.) Paul Arthur
"Without Map or Compass: Mathias Müller in the Landscape of Contermporary Experimental Cinema"
3.) Question and answer with audience
3:30Coffee Break
4:30Screening Program 2
Pensao Globo
5:30Panel 2
Stefanie Schulte-Strathaus
"Can There Be a Conclusive View on What We Did Earlier? A Photo Album of a German Generation"
Gregory Williams
"'Thingsure': Reading Ernst Jandl through Matthias Müller's Eyes"
6:30Respondents to Panels for Day One
1.) Robert Arnold
2.) Saul Levine
Question and Answer Session with Audience
8:00Reception at Goethe-Institut Boston at 170 Beacon Street
Appr. 8:45Remarks by Uwe Mohr, Head of the Goethe Institute
Matthias Müller's Brief Address
Appr. 9:00Screening Program 3
9:25Question and Answer Session with Matthias Müller