Non-BU students:

We are excited you are interested in the Boston University College of Communication (COM). Students who are considering transferring to COM from outside of Boston University should be in contact with Boston University’s Transfer Admissions Office to learn more about the application process and the application requirements.

Once a student has been accepted and paid the tuition deposit, he or she should be in contact with a COM Undergraduate Affairs advisor. COM Undergraduate Affairs can be reached at (617) 353-3471 or by email at We will assist in course planning, while taking into consideration the courses the student has or will complete at their current institution as well as any AP, IB or other credits a student may have completed prior to their acceptance to Boston University. Information on Advanced Credit and what BU accepts can be found online here.

Transfer students will need to obtain approval for each course from the offering department by working with Transfer Admissions. Students will need to collect and submit all their course syllabi to Transfer Admissions. Generally it takes approximately 10 business days from the time you submit your syllabi for them to be evaluated. Courses may be accepted as specific Boston University courses, as courses in specific departments, but without an equivalent (for example CAS HI 1XX), as general electives that can count towards the 128 required credits for graduation, or some courses may not be accepted to Boston University. Some courses you have taken may already be in our system. You can check to see if your previous University has classes listed here.

Please note that communication courses taken at another institution can only transfer to Boston University as electives. Currently, our college requires all specific communication courses for a major completed through the College of Communication (COM) to be completed at Boston University. To avoid potential significant overlap of previously completed communication coursework, students can petition to be waived out of an identical COM course. If the petition is approved, the student would then be required to take a four credit Boston University COM course in its place. This is a two step-process via transfer credit approval process through Admissions and then a subsequent petition (with syllabus) through their COM major department. Our COM Undergraduate Affairs advising staff will work with students though the process.

Courses that are accepted for transfer to Boston University are then placed into the COM curriculum guides to map a student’s completed and remaining requirements for graduation. All COM students must complete a set of COM Foundations Requirements.

Students will also need to complete courses for their specific major at the College of Communication. Those major curriculum guides are on our forms page

Mass Communication, Advertising and Public Relations Curriculum Guide
Film & Television Curriculum Guide
Journalism Curriculum Guide
Cinema and Media Studies

If you are a student interested in transferring from another institution, we strongly encourage you to take liberal arts courses that may be able to transfer to BU COM and fulfill COM’s Freshmen/Sophomore Foundation requirements. As discussed above, communication courses taken at other college and university typically only transfer to COM as elective credit.

You can learn so much more about transfer students and Boston University, including the top ten reasons to transfer to BU here.

Current BU students:

If you are currently a BU student and wish to transfer into COM (Intra-University Transfer or IUT), we have certain requirements that you will need to achieve. Please watch the COM IUT Advising Video for details. You should also review the IUT information sheet.