Spring 2018 Office Hours

Mass Communication, Advertising and Public Relations


Last First Office Hours Location Room Email
Amazeen Michelle Tuesday 11AM-12PM Wednesday 2-4PM 704 Comm Ave 404D mamazeen@bu.edu
Austin Judy Monday 11-12, Tuesday, Thursday 11-11:30, or Wed. by appointment 640 Comm Ave 203H jcaustin@bu.edu
Berkovitz Tobe Tuesday/Thursday 10AM-12PM 704 Comm Ave 301C tobetv@bu.edu
Boches Edward Wednesday 1-4 PM and by appointment 640 Comm Ave 203C eboches@bu.edu
Cakebread Christopher Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-11 AM 640 Comm Ave 223E ccakebre@bu.edu
Carroll John Monday 11-1, Wednesday 11-2, Thursday 2-3, or by appointment 704 Comm Ave carroll7@bu.edu
Carter T. Barton Monday/Wednesday 1:30-3PM 640 Comm Ave B37E comlaw@bu.edu
Clark Dorothy S. Thursday 2:30-5:30 704 Comm Ave 302A dclark@bu.edu
Danehy Anne Monday 2:30–5:30 or by appointment 704 Comm Ave 301A adanehy@bu.edu
Dowding Michael Monday 11AM-2PM, Tuesday 4-6PM 640 Comm Ave B37B mdowding@bu.edu
Downes Edward J. Tuesday 11AM-2PM 704 Comm Ave 402D edownes@bu.edu
D’Souza Sarah Tuesday 12-3PM 704 Comm Ave 301B sjdsouza@bu.edu
Elasmar Michael Tuesday and Thursday 11-12:30 and by appointment 704 Comm Ave 304C elasmar@bu.edu
Gould Doug Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1-2:30 PM 640 Comm Ave 219B gouldd@bu.edu
Joseph Justin Tuesday and Thursday 10-11AM, 12:30-1:30PM 640 Comm Ave 203H justinj@bu.edu
Katz James Tuesday 9:15AM-12:15PM or by appointment 704 Comm Ave 402B katz2020@bu.edu
Krishna Arunima Monday, Tuesday 11-1 704 Comm Ave 301A arunimak@bu.edu
Nisenholtz Martin Thursday 3-5, Friday 11AM-12PM 640 Comm Ave B37C martinn@bu.edu
Oppliger Patrice Monday, Wednesday 1-2:30PM or by appointment 704 Comm Ave 401A oppliger@bu.edu
Quigley Stephen Tuesday/Thursday 11AM-1PM and Wednesday 1-3PM 704 Comm Ave 401C squigley@bu.edu
Ryan Pegeen Monday 11AM-1PM and Tuesday 4:30-5:30PM 640 Comm Ave 220C pegeen@bu.edu
Shanler Amy By appt, email, phone or Monday 10:30–11:30, Tuesday/Thursday 2-3PM 640 Comm Ave 219-F shanlera@bu.edu
Sullivan Michelle Monday 4:40-6PM, Tuesday/Thursday 10AM-12PM 640 Comm Ave B37C sullyma@bu.edu
Tsay-Vogel Mina Tuesday/Thursday 9:15-10:45 AM 704 Comm Ave B04B minatv@bu.edu
Vigil Tammy Tuesday 11AM-12PM, Thursday 10AM-12PM and by appointment 704 Comm Ave 301C tvigil@bu.edu
Walsh Joyce Monday 2-5PM 640 Comm Ave 203D joycew@bu.edu
Wright Donald K Monday 9AM-12PM 704 Comm Ave 302B dkw@bu.edu
Wu Denis Wednesday 12-3 PM 704 Comm Ave 304F hdw@bu.edu

Part Time Faculty

First Last Office Hours Location Room BU Email
Bean Lawrence Before or after class or by email lbean@bu.edu
Byrne Glenn Tuesday 5-6:30PM gfbyrne@bu.edu
Carpman Lawrence Tuesday 5-6:30PM lcarpman@bu.edu
Carter Judy By appointment only jlcarter@bu.edu
Chandrasekaran Padmini Wednesday 6-6:30PM, 9:30-10PM or by email padminic@bu.edu
Cox Lydia By email ldcox@bu.edu
Dodge Michael By appointment mjdodge@bu.edu
Duttweiler Joshua By email ldcox@bu.edu
Gaughan Erin By appointment only ggoetz@bu.edu
Goetz George By appointment only ldcox@bu.edu
Goodwin Michelle By email, phone or appointment goodwinm@bu.edu
Grasso James Tuesday 3:30-6PM, before and after class or by appointment jimg@bu.edu
Greif Richard By email rgreif@bu.edu
Hurley Denis By appointment dmhurley@bu.edu
Jalette Gerard (Jerry) By email or Skype jalette@bu.edu
Janbek Dana By email djanbek@bu.edu
Krogh Brian By appointment only bkrogh@bu.edu
Manasian Jean Wednesday 5-6:30PM and 9:15-10PM and Friday 2-4PM manasian@bu.edu
McDermott Doug By appointment only dougmcd@bu.edu
Miracco Allison By email amiracco@bu.edu
Nardi Mark By email or appointment only mnardi@bu.edu
Reilly Michael Tuesday 5-6:30PM and by appointment mjreilly@bu.edu
Salvaggio Catherine Virtual office hours Sun-Thurs 7-10 PM or by appointment csalvagg@bu.edu
Seele Michael (Mike) By appointment and email only mseele@bu.edu
Sender Craig Monday/Wednesday 5-6:15 PM 216B csender@bu.edu
Sholkin Howard Thursday 4:30-6:30PM and 9:15-10:15PM hsholkin@bu.edu
Skinner Brent By appointment 216B brent@bu.edu
Walsh John By email 216B jwalsh14@bu.edu

EMS Faculty

First Last Office Hours Location Room Email
James Katz Monday, 11-2:30 PM / Tuesday 10-12- 30PM
Lei Guo Monday 2-5pm or by appointment.
James Cummings Tues 2-3:30pm and Weds 12:30-2pm
Jacob Groshek Tuesdays from 10am til 3:00pm, or by appointment.