Spring 2018 Office Hours

Mass Communication, Advertising and Public Relations


Last First Office Hours Location Room Email
Amazeen Michelle Tuesday 11AM-12PM Wednesday 2-4PM 704 Comm Ave 404D mamazeen@bu.edu
Austin Judy Monday 11-12, Tuesday, Thursday 11-11:30, or Wed. by appointment 640 Comm Ave 203H jcaustin@bu.edu
Berkovitz Tobe Tuesday/Thursday 10AM-12PM 704 Comm Ave 301C tobetv@bu.edu
Boches Edward Wednesday 1-4 PM and by appointment 640 Comm Ave 203C eboches@bu.edu
Cakebread Christopher Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-11 AM 640 Comm Ave 223E ccakebre@bu.edu
Carroll John Monday 11-1, Wednesday 11-2, Thursday 2-3, or by appointment 704 Comm Ave carroll7@bu.edu
Carter T. Barton Monday/Wednesday 1:30-3PM 640 Comm Ave B37E comlaw@bu.edu
Clark Dorothy S. Thursday 2:30-5:30 704 Comm Ave 302A dclark@bu.edu
Danehy Anne Monday 2:30–5:30 or by appointment 704 Comm Ave 301A adanehy@bu.edu
Dowding Michael Monday 11AM-2PM, Tuesday 4-6PM 640 Comm Ave B37B mdowding@bu.edu
Downes Edward J. Tuesday 11AM-2PM 704 Comm Ave 402D edownes@bu.edu
D’Souza Sarah Tuesday 12-3PM 704 Comm Ave 301B sjdsouza@bu.edu
Elasmar Michael Tuesday and Thursday 11-12:30 and by appointment 704 Comm Ave 304C elasmar@bu.edu
Gould Doug Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1-2:30 PM 640 Comm Ave 219B gouldd@bu.edu
Joseph Justin Tuesday and Thursday 10-11AM, 12:30-1:30PM 640 Comm Ave 203H justinj@bu.edu
Katz James Tuesday 9:15AM-12:15PM or by appointment 704 Comm Ave 402B katz2020@bu.edu
Krishna Arunima Monday, Tuesday 11-1 704 Comm Ave 301A arunimak@bu.edu
Nisenholtz Martin Thursday 3-5, Friday 11AM-12PM 640 Comm Ave B37C martinn@bu.edu
Oppliger Patrice Monday, Wednesday 1-2:30PM or by appointment 704 Comm Ave 401A oppliger@bu.edu
Quigley Stephen Tuesday/Thursday 11AM-1PM and Wednesday 1-3PM 704 Comm Ave 401C squigley@bu.edu
Ryan Pegeen Monday 11AM-1PM and Tuesday 4:30-5:30PM 640 Comm Ave 220C pegeen@bu.edu
Shanler Amy By appt, email, phone or Monday 10:30–11:30, Tuesday/Thursday 2-3PM 640 Comm Ave 219-F shanlera@bu.edu
Sullivan Michelle Monday 4:40-6PM, Tuesday/Thursday 10AM-12PM 640 Comm Ave B37C sullyma@bu.edu
Tsay-Vogel Mina Tuesday/Thursday 9:15-10:45 AM 704 Comm Ave B04B minatv@bu.edu
Vigil Tammy Tuesday 11AM-12PM, Thursday 10AM-12PM and by appointment 704 Comm Ave 301C tvigil@bu.edu
Walsh Joyce Monday 2-5PM 640 Comm Ave 203D joycew@bu.edu
Wright Donald K Monday 9AM-12PM 704 Comm Ave 302B dkw@bu.edu
Wu Denis Wednesday 12-3 PM 704 Comm Ave 304F hdw@bu.edu

Part Time Faculty

First Last Office Hours Location Room BU Email
Bean Lawrence Before or after class or by email lbean@bu.edu
Byrne Glenn Tuesday 5-6:30PM gfbyrne@bu.edu
Carpman Lawrence Tuesday 5-6:30PM lcarpman@bu.edu
Carter Judy By appointment only jlcarter@bu.edu
Chandrasekaran Padmini Wednesday 6-6:30PM, 9:30-10PM or by email padminic@bu.edu
Cox Lydia By email ldcox@bu.edu
Dodge Michael By appointment mjdodge@bu.edu
Duttweiler Joshua By email ldcox@bu.edu
Gaughan Erin By appointment only ggoetz@bu.edu
Goetz George By appointment only ldcox@bu.edu
Goodwin Michelle By email, phone or appointment goodwinm@bu.edu
Grasso James Tuesday 3:30-6PM, before and after class or by appointment jimg@bu.edu
Greif Richard By email rgreif@bu.edu
Hurley Denis By appointment dmhurley@bu.edu
Jalette Gerard (Jerry) By email or Skype jalette@bu.edu
Janbek Dana By email djanbek@bu.edu
Krogh Brian By appointment only bkrogh@bu.edu
Manasian Jean Wednesday 5-6:30PM and 9:15-10PM and Friday 2-4PM manasian@bu.edu
McDermott Doug By appointment only dougmcd@bu.edu
Miracco Allison By email amiracco@bu.edu
Nardi Mark By email or appointment only mnardi@bu.edu
Reilly Michael Tuesday 5-6:30PM and by appointment mjreilly@bu.edu
Salvaggio Catherine Virtual office hours Sun-Thurs 7-10 PM or by appointment csalvagg@bu.edu
Seele Michael (Mike) By appointment and email only mseele@bu.edu
Sender Craig Monday/Wednesday 5-6:15 PM 216B csender@bu.edu
Sholkin Howard Thursday 4:30-6:30PM and 9:15-10:15PM hsholkin@bu.edu
Skinner Brent By appointment 216B brent@bu.edu
Walsh John By email 216B jwalsh14@bu.edu

EMS Faculty

First Last Office Hours Location Room Email
James Katz Monday, 11-2:30 PM / Tuesday 10-12- 30PM
Lei Guo Monday 2-5pm or by appointment.
James Cummings Tues 2-3:30pm and Weds 12:30-2pm
Jacob Groshek Tuesdays from 10am til 3:00pm, or by appointment.

Film/TV Department

First Last Office Hours Location Room Email
John Bernstein Tu 11-4:00pm; W 11-4:00pm; F 3-4:00pm
Barry Brodsky By Appointment
Tatyana Bronstein By Appointment
Murray Brown By Appointment
Frank Capria By Appointment
Ray Carney Tu/Th 1:30-3:15
Chris Cavalieri By Appointment
Debbie Danielpour Chapel M 11-1:30pm; Tu 10-11:30am; W by appointment
Mark D. Chesak By Appointment
Rose Corbin-Cummi By Appointment
Lindsey Decker By Appointment
Mary-Jane Doherty Tu/Th 11-1:00
Joseph Dwyer By Appointment
Cathy Perron Eaton By Appointment
John Egleson By Appointment
John Gates By Appointment
Kae Geller By Appointment
John Hall M/W 12-1:00; Tu/Th 2-3:00
Charlotte Howell By Appointment
Kim Icreverzi By Appointment
Joel San Juan By Appointment
Tara Kavanaugh By Appointment
Jodi Luber M 1-2:30; T 2-4:00pm; every other Friday
Alvaro Congosto Martin By Appointment
Charles Merzbacher By Appointment
Kam Miller By Appointment
Jeffery Phelps By Appointment
Geoffery Poister By Appointment
Gabriel Polonsky By Appointment
Jason Pugatch By Appointment
Paul Schneider By Appointment
Robert Ribera By Appointment
Padrick Ritch By Appointment
Maura Smith By Appointment
Scott Thompson Thompson W 1:30-2:30; F 9:30-11:00; Tu. By Appointment
Charles Warren By Appointment
Larry Weinberg F 2-4:00pm
Bob Zelnick By Appointment