Professor Steve Quigley is the faculty advisor for BU-COM’s internship program. Any additional questions or concerns that are not answered on the website can be answered by Steve Quigley via email ( or phone (617-358-0066).
Must clarify expectations of intern (responsibilities, work schedule, internship duration) prior to the start of the internship.
Employers will need to co-sign (with intern) the Boston University College of Communication Public Relations Internship Contract (.doc).
Sponsors are encouraged but not required to compensate interns for their services.
No. Steve Quigley will often check-in approximately halfway through the internship, but an official evaluation is only required once the internship is complete. Of course, if there are any questions or concerns regarding your intern, please do not hesitate to contact Steve.
Employers are expected to complete The Boston University Public Relations Intern Evaluation Form. This form can be submitted to Stephen Quigley here.