Please note: To be added to the waitlist or enroll in additional COM credits you must fill out the forms below. We will not be handling inquiries by phone or in person for Fall 2018. Thank you.

Course Changes for Fall 2018:

There have been a number of changes to the courses offered in the Department of Mass Communication, Advertising, and Public Relations. Please read carefully before adding courses, or contacting us.

The following courses have changed names and/or course numbers. If you’ve already taken this course previously you may not take it again.

CM 380 – Theory & Process of Communication is now CM 180 – Understanding Media.
CM 311 – Professional Presentations is now CM 211.
CM 301 – Principles & Practices of Public Relations is now CM 215.
CM 317 – Intro to Advertising is now CM 217.

CM 409 – Persuasion & Public Opinion is no longer a course. We are now offereing CM 280 – Persuasion Theory. If you’ve already taken CM 409 you will need Departmental approval to take CM 280.

Undergrad Course Waitlists:
The Department of Mass Communication, Advertising, and Public Relations allows students to be placed on a waitlist for the following courses should they become full via web registration:

  • 180 – Understanding Media
  • 215 – Principles and Practices of Public Relations
  • 217 – Introduction to Advertising
  • 321 – Mass Communication Research
  • 323 – Design Strategy & Software
  • 331 – Writing for Communication
  • 417 – Fundamentals of Creative Development

The Fall 2018 waitlist opens on April 23, 2018 at 10 A.M. and closes on August 28, 2018.

Students are assigned to vacancies based on prioritized need. If you have trouble accessing the website, please contact

Add Me To The Waitlist

Any course not listed above does not have an active waitlist.

Enrollment Assistance for Additional COM CM Credits:
COM students with inquiries regarding enrollment for additional Mass Communication, Advertising, and Public Relations courses must complete a request form. This only applies to any CM courses. To determine if you need a form, please review the following criteria below:

For COM students:

  • Who wish to enroll in course with no active waitlist AND have reached their COM-course 20 credit web registration limit for juniors and seniors and 14 credit web registration limit for sophomores.
  • This form can also be used to register for of change credits in AdLab or PRLab. Please be sure to fill it out correctly, which includes the section you want to be enrolled in.

For non-COM students:

  • Seeking enrollment in an additional COM class after registering for up to 6 COM-course credits through the BU Student Link at cross-registration.

The form opens on April 23, 2018 at 10 a.m. for all students.

Do NOT fill out this form for any course that has an open waitlist.

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Students who submit this form will receive a notification of whether or not enrollment was successful. We will address all forms during regular business hours. Due to the volume of inquiries, please allow sufficient time for review before emailing the department (