• Boston University has three graduation dates: September 25, January 25, and May 13. These are dates graduates can receive their diplomas. Please the schedule for mailing diplomas.
  • There is only one Graduate Hooding Ceremony and one All-University Commencement Ceremony held each year in May. Please see the graduation ceremonies page for additional information.

Checklist for Graduation

These steps must be completed in order to receive your degree.

  1. Review the courses, credits, academic, and completion projects required to complete your degree.
  2. Complete an application for graduation. Submit the form to Graduate Affairs via email or in Room 130A.
  3. Receive an email certifying your graduation from (This cannot be completed until final semester grades are submitted.)
  4. Complete an Exit Survey and submit proof of completion to
  5. Please update your Diploma and Graduation Information in the Student Link listed under the academics tab (
  6. Review alumni services available to you.
  7. Register for the Graduate Hooding Ceremony if you would like to attend. Registration will begin in January.

Graduation Requirements for Degree Completion

  • Graduate students are responsible for completing their graduation requirements listed on the bulletin. Please check with your department for other specific requirements.
  • Graduate students are also responsible for notifying Kayla Ring ( when they successfully complete their comprehensive exam, professional project, thesis, or capstone project.

Credits Required for Degree Completion

Master’s and Doctorate degree candidates:

  • Mass Communication with a concentration in Marketing Communication Research: 48 credits
  • Mass Communication with a concentration in Communication Studies: 48 credits
  • Advertising: 52 credits
  • Public Relations: 48 credits
  • Mass Communication, Dual degree with Law: 32 COM credits
  • Journalism: 48 credits
  • Broadcast Journalism: 48 credits
  • Business & Economics Journalism: 48 credits
  • Science Journalism: 48 credits
  • Cinema and Media Production: 48 credits
  • Television: 48 credits
  • Media Ventures: 48 credits
  • Media Ventures, Dual degree with Questrom: 48 COM credits
  • Screenwriting: 56 credits
  • Film (including Film Production, Film and TV Studies and Screenwriting): 64 credits
  • M.S. Film Production: 48 credits
  • Emerging Media Studies (MA): 40 credits
  • Emerging Media Studies (PhD): 68 credits

Additional Academic Requirements for Degree Completion

  • A 3.0 (B) grade point average is required to qualify for a BU COM graduate degree. If a student’s grade point index is less than 3.0 in ANY semester, or if more than 8 credits for grades below B- are received during the length of the program, the student’s record is reviewed by the department of enrollment to determine whether the student should be permitted to continue as a candidate for the degree or should be placed on academic probation.
  • A grade of D will not receive graduate credit (information taken from the COM bulletin).
  • M.A. in Emerging Media Studies students cannot receive a grade below a B-. C range grades will not be counted toward their degree.