For Fall 2018, students should familiarize themselves with the fall schedule and all prerequisites for their desired courses.

Students interested in pursuing internships should download our internship basics fact sheet.

See the full list of Foreign Cinema and Television Studies courses which count toward undergraduate program requirements.

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Open Courses

These are courses for which any undergraduate who has declared for the Film and Television major may register (through the 500-level).

Prerequisite Courses

These are courses for which there are certain requirements necessary in order to register. These requirements may include any combination of the following: taking another course first, earning a certain grade in a previous course, or permission of the instructor.

Looking China Application

What are you doing this summer?  How about an all-expenses paid, two-week film project in CHINA!   This unique program pairs selected BU students with Chinese students for the purpose of making short documentary films on Chinese culture.   The films are screened at a final ceremony and become eligible for further screenings and awards.  All expenses are paid by the academic organization, AICCC, in China.  The Looking China program this year will be June 20th to July 7th. The destination is Beijing.

The application deadline is March 31st.  Download the application application-form-of-2019-Looking-China. Please send applications to or drop them off in person at the FTV department (COM118).  The only requirement is that you are a current BU Film and Television major or grad student and you have never been to China before.

More information

Fall 2019 Film Studies and Special Topics Descriptions will be posted shortly.
How to apply to FT468- Production III

Please Note: If a student attempts to register for a Prerequisite course without having the necessary prerequisites, the student will be dropped from the course, and further sanctions may also apply. When registering for courses, please be mindful of all necessary prerequisites in order to ensure that you do not get dropped from any courses. You can find prerequisite information on the StudentLink with WebReg, in the COM Bulletin, in the Undergraduate Catalog, or from the Film and Television Office. Please also remember that you must first register for the lecture (A1) section of a Lecture/Discussion course before registering for the discussion section.