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Craft ElectivesPick at least one:

FT 526
FT 565
FT 520
Sound Design

Craft Electives

FTV’s Production craft electives are fundamental to pursuing advanced production courses such as Production II, III, Advanced Production Workshop, etc.


Craft Courses

The craft courses in this step are recommended prior to taking Production III. FT 508, Line Producing, is required for the producing track.

FT 589
Advanced Production Workshop (description below)

Advanced Production Workshop: The focus of this class will be on story creation, performance, and filming strategies using small crews and lightweight equipment, culminating in the production of six short films. Working from approved scenarios with a core group of actors, directors will explore character and story development through an in-class workshop process of improvisation. Once committed to script form, these short films will be shot with a small crew made up of fellow class members in pods of three; Director, Cinematographer, and Editor. The class will be limited to 6 Directors and 4 to 6 Cinematographer/Editors.