Fall 2016 Courses

The Film & Television Studies courses below are offered in Fall 2016 and will satisfy a program requirement for Film & Television undergraduates.

As a reminder, required courses include:

  • FT310 Storytelling for Film & Television
  • FT353 Production I
  • FT250 Understanding Film AND/OR FT303 Understanding Television
  • one additional studies course

If you take FT250 (but not FT303): Choose one studies course from this list:

  • COM FT 458: Antonioni and Bergman
  • COM CI 260: Modern Japanese Culture in Cinema
  • COM CI 320: Weimar Cinema
  • COM CI 321: Brazilian Cinema
  • COM CI 390: Gender War and Revolution in the Middle East
  • COM CI 490: Growing Up in Korea
  • COM CI 562: French Cinema and Literature
  • COM CI 590: Latin American Cities in Literature and Film
*FTV students can petition a CAS foreign film studies class

If you take FT303 (but not FT250): Choose one television studies course from this list:

  • COM FT 520: TV Theory and Criticism
  • COM FT 554 A1: TV and Diversity
  • COM FT 554 B1: TV Genre Fandom
  • COM FT 554 F1: Broadcast Horror

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