Communication Research Center (CRC)

Current Research Projects

downesDr. Edward Downes is currently finishing his first book, Press Secretary: The Story of Capitol Hill’s Image Makers. Prior to joining academia full-time he worked professionally in Washington, D.C., for 10 years, in the corporate, governmental and nonprofit sectors. Last month Dr. Downes accepted a position on the advisory board for a new journal, Panorama-An International Journal of Gandhian Thought, exploring Gandhi’s life and philosophy, concentrating in part on his influence in contemporary societies. His contribution to the first issue is titled, “What Kind of Public Relations Professional was the Mahatma?” The journal is headquartered at Kanya Maha Vidyalaya Women’s College in Jalandhar, Punjab, India.
lei-guo-headshotDr. Lei Guo is currently co-editing a book, The Power of Information Networks: New Directions for Agenda Setting, published by Routledge. The book will present the Network Agenda Setting Model, which specifies the third level of agenda-setting theory, and a variety of empirical evidence based on this model from scholars across the world.
JAMARILLODr. Deborah Jaramillo‘s current book project examines the years prior to the implementation of the National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters’ Television Code in 1952. The Television Code was a self-regulatory document that extended the moral concerns of the various Radio codes and paralleled Hollywood’s Production Code. The project focuses specifically on the interplay between the Federal Communications Commission, the NAB/NARTB, Congress, and television audiences. At the center of this interplay are tensions regarding the role of television in U.S. culture, the role of government in regulating the television industry, and the role of the industry in policing itself.
08-2272   NEW COM PROF. CHERYL ANN LAMBERT  / 9-10-08  / KWZDr. Cheryl Ann Lambert’s research in public relations history has resulted in a book chapter to be published by Routledge entitled “Digging for Victory Gardens: A comparative analysis of the U.K. and U.S. World War II gardening campaigns. Her research was completed by analyzing materials at the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center. The initial stage of her research resulted in a conference paper published in conference proceedings at the 2013 International History of Public Relations conference entitled “Planting messages: A narrative paradigm analysis of the World War II Victory Garden campaign.” Dr. Lambert has completed a critical cultural analysis of the Victory Gardens campaign which is currently in revision status at a peer-reviewed journal. Dr. H. Denis Wu’s research regarding politics and journalism in Taiwan has resulted in two pending projects. In one project, Dr. Cheryl Ann Lambert and Dr. H Denis Wu have had an article tentatively accepted for Vol. 24, Issue 2 edition of the journal Asia Pacific Media Educator entitled “Traditional journalism in transition: Taiwan media professionals construct new rules for work roles. The other project is an article by Dr. Wu and Dr. Lambert entitled “Impediments to press freedom in a free market: How integrated corporate and political interests inform Taiwan media experiences”. The article has been accepted for (Skype) presentation at the at the 20th Anniversary Pacific Journalism Review conference at AUT University and consideration for a special issue of the Pacific Journalism Review journal.
Patrice OppligerDr. Patrice Oppliger is currently working on a book focused on the portrayals of bullies and mean girls in the media.

DUSTIN SUPADr. Dustin Supa is currently conducting a study of public relations practitioners and journalists in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to determine each profession’s mutual perception of the other. This is the third in a series of studies designed to better understand the relationship between public relations practitioners and journalists, which will potentially lead to greater understanding and maximization of the relationships between the two, traditionally disparate, fields. Once the current study is completed, Professor Supa hopes to establish a theory of media relations which will benefit public relations practitioners as they seek to create and maintain relationships with journalists of all different types of media.

Mina TsayDr. Mina Tsay-Vogel (Boston University) and Dr. K. Maja Krakowiak (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs) are currently examining the impact of morality salience on audience responses to narratives featuring morally ambiguous characters. Their recent work is featured in Human Communication Research. Furthermore, Dr. Tsay-Vogel is interested in the notion of third-person effects in the context of social media. Her recent work in this area is featured in New Media & Society.
vigil_tammyDr. Tammy Vigil‘s current research focuses on speeches given at national nominating conventions. She is completing a book that examines the ways conventions speakers attempt to build consubstantial bonds between themselves and listeners and between potential voters and the party’s presidential nominee. Dr. Vigil is also working on project focusing on Michelle Obama’s convention addresses and the ways in which the first lady manages intersecting rhetorical expectations arising from her race, role, and sex; it will appear in a forthcoming book about Michelle Obama’s rhetorical style. Dr. Vigil’s other projects include examinations of humor in convention speeches, the use of the American Dream as a political argument, and the various iterations of immigrant tales told in convention addresses and how the use of these anecdotes has evolved over the past several decades.
Denis WuDr. H. Denis Wu is currently working on a couple of writing projects. The first one is to report a series of investigations on affect agenda-setting and impact of candidates’ visuals on voting decisions. The second one is a compilation of journalists working as public relations practitioners around the world and how that convergence affects democracy and professionalism.