Communication Research Center (CRC)

About CRC

Research is an integral part of faculty activities in the College of Communication at Boston University.

The Communication Research Center (CRC) was established in 1959 and reorganized in 1994. The CRC pioneered the use of television as a research tool, conducting systematic analyses on the effects of television on children and measuring political opinions and voting intentions. This early beginning led the CRC to develop a specialty in survey research methodology.

The CRC currently has 18 research fellows who specialize in topics including: media effects, media studies, adoption of new communication technologies, political communication process and impact, public relations process and impact, impact of media on popular culture, role of media in international public diplomacy, process and impact of international communication, impact of media portrayals on gender self-image, and communication and environment, science, and health. The research faculty are making an incredible impact in the field of communication research. See recent publications here, including journal articles, books, conference presentations, and current research projects, and check out how the research fellows are uncovering trends in communication and highlighting new ways of doing business.

Several research faculty also serve as editors of competitive peer-reviewed journals, American Journal of Media Psychology, The International Journal of Public Opinion Research, Public Relations Journal, and Cineaste Magazine.

In 2009, the CRC established the Communication Research Colloquium Series consisting of monthly research presentations that highlight current and original research of faculty in the College of Communication. This forum provides an intellectual exchange of ideas and perspectives, features scholarship in several methodological traditions, and fosters discussions among faculty and students about a variety of research topics in the field of communication. In 2011, the Dr. Melvin L. DeFleur Distinguished Lecture Series was established that annually invites two distinguished scholars from outside to share their outstanding scholarship, expertise, and experience with the BU community. In recognition of the pioneering and inspirational contributions of Dr. Melvin L. DeFleur to the field of mass communication research and his service as a venerable and inexhaustible member of COM’s CRC, the faculty members named this series in his honor.