• Title Associate Professor, Emerging Media Studies
  • Office 302D
  • Education BS, Technology Education (with Honors), University of Wisconsin-Stout
    MA, Mass Communication, Marquette University (Adviser: Philip Seib)
    PhD, Mass Communication, Indiana University (Adviser: David H. Weaver)

Dr. Groshek’s research focuses on the civic utility of communication technologies and the ways in which the structure, content and uses of online and mobile media may influence change in political and health contexts. Additional research pursuits include applied econometric analyses, data mining and visualizing social media content. In that area, Dr. Groshek oversees a cloud-based software system, the BU-TCAT, which makes it possible for all BU faculty and students to study social media in big and small data approaches.

Dr. Groshek is also regularly featured in national and international media coverage, such as the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, The Conversation, and public radio outlets.