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The Undergraduate Affairs office provides academic advice, curriculum information and personal advising for COM undergraduates. We serve as the initial point of contact regarding any questions you have about your program and your overall experience at COM.

IUT into COM

We have posted this video to explain the IUT process. The grade in the gateway course, COM CO 101 is a C. (updated 10/09/14)

COM CO 101

Fall 2015: COM CO 101 B1 is available in Fall 2015 for students interested in majoring in COM on a space available basis.(updated 10/09/14)

COM Freshmen/Sophomore Foundation Requirements

The COM Freshmen/Sophomore Foundation Requirements, along with all of our departmental curriculum guides can be found on our forms page. If you have questions, please contact COM Undergraduate Affairs, room 123.


Take a look at our #myCOM storify campaign which showcases how awesome our students are. We’ll be hosting various contests so you can join in the fun. You can see what we’re up to on our #myCOM Storify page. Check out our #myCOM100 Storify page as well!

COM Minors

COM minors are open to all BU students, including COM students. COM students may minor in another department within COM. COM students must still complete their CAS concentration. Students that have previously declared a COM minor may still complete that minor. However, if a student would like to enroll in the new COM minor (which allows more flexibility) students will have to re-declare the new COM minor. Students wishing to enroll in the newly created minors must first complete COM CO 201 with a grade of C or better. The participating COM department must sign off on the COM Minor Form. The student would then take that form to their home school (Undergraduate Affairs, room 123 for COM students). Please review the COM Minor Video for more details on how to proceed.

Journalism Minor
Film and Television Minor
Communication Minor

COM Undergraduate Affairs Information

COM Undergraduate Affairs sends out information via email each Wednesday to all current COM undergraduates. If you have something to include in the COM newsletter, please email the information (no longer than 100 words) to by Tuesday at noon.


If you are looking for forms, including, but not limited to, transfer credit approval, DDP, intra-university transfer or distribution requirements, please browse our forms for download.

Contact Undergraduate Affairs

If you would like to schedule an appointment or ask us questions, please contact us.

Undergraduate Affairs Organizations

If you are looking for more information on how to join or how to utilize Undergraduate Affairs Organizations (COM Ambassadors, COMSA or Champions) please see our guide to Undergraduate Affairs Organizations.