Current Students

Transfer Admissions Information

Non-BU students:

This information is for students who are considering transferring to the College of Communication (COM) from outside of Boston University.

Students first point of contact should be Boston University’s Transfer Admissions Office.

Once a student has been accepted and paid the tuition deposit, he or she should be in contact with a COM Student Services advisor. We will assist in course planning, while taking into consideration the courses the student has or will complete at their current institution.

Transfer students will need to obtain approval for each course from the offering department which can be a time consuming process. Please note that communication courses taken at another institution cannot replace College of Communication (COM) courses. In rare instances, students can petition to be waived out of an identical COM course. The student would then be required to take a COM elective in its place. This is a two step-process via transfer credit approval form and then a subsequent petition (with syllabus).

If you are a student interested in transferring from another institution, please be in touch directly with Transfer Admissions.

Current BU students:

If you are currently a BU student and wish to transfer into COM (Intra-University Transfer or IUT) we have certain requirements that you will need to achieve. Please watch the COM IUT Advising Video for details. You should also review the IUT information sheet.