Current Students

Student Services Organizations

The COM Student Assembly (COMSA)

As the College’s student government, COMSA promotes the educational and social interests of COM students and ensures the efficiency and continuity of student activities. It promotes cooperation among students, faculty, and administration, serving as a communication channel for the flow of student opinion and administrative policy. COMSA is composed of elected representatives of departments and classes within the College. Learn more about COMSA’s programming.

COM Ambassadors – Peer Advising

The College of Communication boasts an in-depth COM Ambassador/Peer Advising program to help incoming freshmen and transfer students adapt to life at college as well as get to know their classmates and the city. Peer Advisors are sophomore, junior or senior COM students committed to building a “family” atmosphere at COM. Peer Advising groups, consisting of approximately 10 freshmen, take part in a variety of social, academic, and COM-related activities throughout the year. These activities range from a Red Sox game, to a duck tour, to study nights for the COM 101 exams. Over the summer, each incoming freshman is contacted by his or her Peer Advisor and given information about the program, COM’s Fall-Orientation activities, and life at Boston University.

COM Ambassadors – Dean’s Hosts

By giving tours of the College of Communication, COM Ambassadors/Dean’s Hosts play an integral role in showing prospective students what the school has to offer. Students can apply to become Dean’s Hosts beginning the second semester of their freshman year.