Current Students

COM CO 101

COM CO 101 is the gateway course to enter the College of Communication. Students wishing to major in Film & Television, Communication or Journalism must take this course and earn a ‘C’ grade or higher. Students must also maintain a 2.0 overall GPA. Please review the IUT video for further details. You may only re-take COM CO 101 once.

If you wish to minor in the College of Communication you should register for COM CO 201 (not COM CO 101). Please watch the How to Minor in COM video for further details.

If you wish to submit a request for to register for COM CO 101 for FALL 2014, please fill out the form below. COM CO 101 is also offered in the Spring and will be available to register via the Student Link at the appropriate time.

COM CO 101 Information Sign-up

COM CO 101 B1 is currently open. Please register for it via the student link. COM CO 101 A1 is not an option for non-COM students. Please check the student link for more information.
  • Please let us know which school you are currently enrolled in at BU.