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Current Students

Labs & Equipment

The College of Communication has multiple computer labs available to current students. Below is a quick breakdown. Note: COM labs will be open 12-6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday in December. Check the room calendar for availability.

Mac Computer Labs

In rooms 206, 211 and various multimedia labs. These computers have a diverse array of multimedia software, including the following:

  • Adobe CS 5 Design Premium
  • iLife 9 ( installed iWeb )
  • Fetch FTP
  • FireFox
  • Font Folio Essentials 11
  • Microsoft Office 2008
  • QuarkXpress 8.x
  • QuickTime Pro
  • Safari
  • SoundSlides
  • SoundStudio
  • Toast 10
  • VLC Player

Digital Film/Video Post Production Labs

B6: Digital Film/Video Post Production Lab
Fully equipped with the latest version of Avid Media Composer.

B9: The Marilyn & Jeffrey Katzenberg High Definition Center
A digital film/video post production lab fully equipped with the latest Mac Pro computers with Avid Media Composer.

319: The Ezratti Family High Definition Lab
A digital film/video editing lab fully equipped with a state-of-the-art audio/video media setup. The Ezratti Lab has the latest Mac Pro computers with the latest versions of both Final Cut Studio and Avid Media Composer.

Design Labs

206 and 211: Design Lab
Equipped with Mac Pro computers with Adobe Creative Suite and Quark installed.

208: Design Lab
Contains the following software:

  • Adobe CS 5 Design Premium
  • Adobe Premiere CS 3
  • Audacity
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Office 2007 (including Publisher)
  • Putty Telnet
  • QuickTime Pro
  • Roxio Burn
  • SoundSlides
  • WinSCP FTP
  • VLC Player

Digital Photography Post Production Labs

B27 and B29: Digital Photography Lab
Equipped with Mac Pro computers with Adobe Photoshop as the backbone software. These labs also have Final Cut Studio allowing students to create true multimedia photojournalism projects.

Journalism Labs

209, 214 and 321
These labs all have Microsoft Office. The other software components in these labs change constantly. Please see COM’s Computer Support Department in room 205 for specific information regarding these labs.

Film/Digital Video Production Equipment

Specific equipment models constantly change. Please see each department for details.
Production sound stage
News studio with control room
Production studio with control room
Chroma Key effects wall
Prop room
Grip equipment
High definition capable post-production workstations
Arri SR 16mm cameras
Arri SR Super 16mm cameras
Panasonic high definition solid state cameras
Sony DV cameras
Full complement of field and studio lighting
Marantz digital audio recorders
Full complement of microphones
Multiple dollies with track
Soundproof audio recording booth
Canon and Nikon photography equipment
Canon and Nikon lenses