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COM Activities

In addition to these activities sponsored by the College of Communication, Boston University has more than 400 student organizations. From club sports to community service, Greek life to cultural groups, there is something for everyone. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, it only takes four friends and an advisor to start your own organization. For more information on all the activities at BU and a complete listing, visit the Student Activities Office at


AdClub is an official college chapter of the American Advertising Federation. Its functions range from a social organization to meet students to gaining professional contacts in the advertising industry. AdClub also produces BU’s official entry into the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC), an annual contest among more than 150 colleges and universities. Through this club students can better understand the functions and values of advertising, develop their individual skills, learn about job openings and scholarships, and keep up with industry trends. Members also act as an agency, producing advertising for other organizations on campus. AdClub meets weekly and strives to unite its students through the common interest of advertising.


AdLab is a full-service, non-profit advertising agency run by students. Juniors or seniors who are interested in advertising can register for AdLab. It is designed to give students the opportunity for hands-on experience with the theories presented in their classes. In AdLab, students create, design, and produce ads for actual clients. AdLab staff learn how to work within budget limitations, meet deadlines, and recruit new clients. Most of the ads AdLab produces are for print media; however, student accounts have also called for radio and television public service announcements. Visit AdLab’s website.


TerrierVision is Boston University’s only student-run television station. Founded in Spring 2006, butv10 is a University-wide resource dedicated to creating diverse programming that caters to all interests, schools, departments, organizations, and activities across campus. The station reaches nearly 30,000 students and features work produced by students, faculty and alumni. Visit the butv10 website.


AWSM@Boston University is a student chapter of the national organization of the Association for Women in Sports Media. Open to all students, the group allows those interested in the sports media field to create their own network within Boston University. Like the national organization, AWSM@Boston University works to promote diversity in sports media and encourage positive workplace environments.

COM Student Assembly (COMSA)

COMSA is the College of Communication’s student government. It promotes the educational and social interests of COM students and ensures the efficiency and continuity of student activities. It promotes cooperation among students, faculty, and administration, serving as a communication channel for the flow of student opinion and administrative policy. COMSA is composed of elected representatives from departments and classes within the College.

The Daily Free Press

The Daily Free Press is a student-run newspaper serving the Boston University community and is published every school weekday of the semester with a circulation of 12,000 papers—the fourth largest daily in Boston. Professionals recognize the DFP as one of the premier college dailies in the United States, providing a springboard for many successful journalists and photojournalists. The DFP is an excellent training ground for aspiring reporters, photographers, art designers, business and advertising personnel, and all who are looking to apply their classroom knowledge to a real-world setting. The Daily Free Press is open to all Boston University full-time students interested in the newspaper business. It is an excellent way for students to build their clip and photo portfolios. Visit the DFP online at

Growling Dog Productions

Provides students with the opportunity to develop and produce television programs. Growling Dog produces a sci-fi series, a news magazine program, a sketch-comedy and the nation’s longest running college soap opera, Bay State.

National Press Photographers Association

Photojournalism students are encouraged to become members of the National Press Photographers Association, a professional group with more than 10,000 members nationally. Boston University’s active student chapter promotes professional workshops, has many guest speakers, sponsors field trips, and regularly schedules portfolio reviews and critiques by area professionals.


PRSSA is a pre-professional association founded by the Public Relations Society of America, the largest public relations organization in the world. PRSSA has over 4,300 members is 144 chapters across the nation, making it the world’s second largest PR society. PRSSA members have the opportunity to participate in many projects and programs, including special scholarships; Professional Partners, in which students are paired with a PRSSA member to receive professional advice; the Bateman Case Study, a nationwide challenge for each chapter to analyze, research, and present a solution to a specific PR problem; internal committees, such as publicity and fund-raising; and outside organization competitions.


Founded in 1978, PRLab at Boston University is the nation’s oldest student-run public relations agency. It allows students to gain valuable hands-on experience working in an agency-style setting with a wide variety of clients, ranging from corporations to nonprofit groups, in the greater Boston area. Similar to the structure of an actual PR agency, PRLab’s structure includes account executives, account supervisors, a vice president and a president. Students work on teams that are overseen by a supervisor to complete their client’s objectives. Any student in the College of Communication, who has completed CM301 and CM331 can take PRLab. Students can enroll in PRLab for either two or four credits, which means that they must complete either seven or 14 hours of work per week, respectively. Students can take PRLab as many times as their schedules allow, which allows them to work with many different clients. Students’ work includes drafting PR media materials, branding, conducting media relations, planning major events, creating content, copyediting, compiling research, managing social media and analyzing trends. Visit PRLab’s website.

Society of Public Journalists (SPJ)

SPJ is the largest and oldest journalism organization in the country. As one of 300 campus chapters, the Boston University Chapter works to support First Amendment rights and the Freedom of Information Act; sponsors guest speakers from print, photojournalism, and broadcast journalism media; and maintains contact with members of the local professional chapter of SPJ.

Television Production Hothouse

Hothouse Productions is COM’s in-house video production company. Students on the Hothouse staff hone their producing skills as they develop projects from the proposal stage to their final form. Project proposals, brought to the table by the faculty, outside clients, and students, include documentaries, dramas, series, children’s programs, and PSAs for local TV stations. Hothouse staff work for course credit. Visit the Hothouse website.

WTBU Radio

WTBU has been Boston University’s student radio station since 1965. Located on the third floor of the College of Communication building, the station is entirely student staffed and managed. WTBU acts simultaneously as a fully operational radio station serving the student community and as an excellent training platform for students wishing to go into professional radio. WTBU offers students opportunities to assist in all aspects of running a commercial radio station, including public service, promotions, engineering, sales, management, and on-air work. With live music, news, and sports broadcast 22 hours a day, WTBU can be heard in select dormitories at 89.3 FM and 640 AM, as well as around the world at