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Nicole Beale (’15) Takes Her Television Knowledge to Cape Town

Name: Nicole Beale COM graduation year: 2015 Program: Television (MS) Current title: South African Assistant Production Coordinator, Outlander Current location: Cape Town, South Africa Q: Why did you choose the Television (MS) program? NB: COM’s MS Television program really spoke to me for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is one of the few courses… Read More

Ryan Huff (COM’16) Takes His Emerging Media Studies Knowledge to Twitter

Meet recent grad Ryan Huff (COM ’16)! Since graduating from the Emerging Media Studies Master’s program he’s landed a job at everyone’s favorite place, Twitter! We had the chance to ask Ryan what COM had to offer to help guide him to his success. Interested in his advice on going to graduate school and what… Read More

In Style Executive Creative Director and COM Alum Rina Stone Gives Career Advice

  In our series “Jump-start Your Job Search,” BU Today brings you short interviews with BU alums who are leaders in their fields, such as banking, advertising, tech start-ups, journalism, or nonprofit organizations. They talk about how they got to be where they are and what they’ve learned from their mistakes. They tell us what they look… Read More

Journalist Walter Middlebrook (’76) Gives Career Advice

In BU Today’s “Jump-start Your Job Search” series, BU alums are featured with short interviews describing their leadership in their field. Topics range from banking, advertising, tech start-ups, journalism, and nonprofit organizations. Alums talk about how they got to be where they are, mistakes they’ve made, and what they’ve taken away from those mistakes. They tell us what they… Read More

Michael Lucker, ’88, Lucky Dog Film Works

Michael Lucker’s (’88) career is a great example of how persistence, flexibility, and networking can lead to a long and fulfilling career in any industry, even the famously tough to break into world of Hollywood filmmaking. After years of a successful career, Lucker is now pursuing his dream as a director, and working to make… Read More

Elisa DiStefano, News 12 Long Island

Elisa, first off, would you tell me what you currently do for work? I am the entertainment and features reporter for News 12 Long Island here in New York. I also do their traffic in the morning. In addition, I contribute feature, entertainment and celebrity articles to a bunch of different magazines. I do expert… Read More

Logan Taylor ’10, ’14, SXSW

What has your career path been like since graduating? After graduating COM undergrad, I felt compelled to stay involved with Boston University and worked at the Howard Thurman Center. While there, I realized I wanted to continue my education with the fantastic faculty, staff, and network I’d made and entered the Graduate Film and TV… Read More

Kristen Lombardi ’95, Center for Public Integrity

What has your career/education path been like since graduating? I worked for a small community newspaper chain immediately after I graduated from the master’s program at BU’s College of Communication, in 1995, learning how to develop sources and cover government basics in the suburbs of Boston. From there, I worked for many years at the… Read More

Jen Rodstrom ’02, Temkin Group

What has your career/education path been like since graduating? I have built a successful career over the past 10+ years as a customer experience practitioner and market research professional. My areas of expertise include customer insight, voice of the customer, text analytics, and all facets of market research. After graduating from COM, I worked for… Read More

Danielle Hope Diamond ’18, Filmmaker and Student

It’s never too early to get your start in the working world, as Danielle Hope Diamond can attest. She started working in film editing and production at the age of 12, when she began assisting her local Apple Store to help train employees in Final Cut Pro and the Adobe Suite. Today, she runs her… Read More

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