We at COM Career Services have created a guide on how to confidently walk into an interview. Included are sample interview questions, how to prep, research, and practice for your interviews.


Networking is perhaps the most important tool for job- and internship-seekers: a well-maintained career network provides support, suggestions, advice and job leads. Since companies don’t post a majority of communication jobs, your connections provide crucial access to the ‘hidden’ job market. 80-90% of all communication job seekers find their positions through networking. Although ultimately your merit will determine if you get and succeed in a job, you often have to know the right people to get the interview.

Networking is essential, from your initial job search to your entire career. And with networking, the more you give, the more you get back: Share knowledge with others. 

Keep in mind:

  • Networking is a planned and ongoing effort.
  • You should set goals and develop strategies for achieving them.
  • Evaluate how well your plan is working, and make changes as necessary
  • Plan to network long-term throughout your entire career. Don’t burn bridges and don’t expect instant results. Make contacts you can learn from and grow with throughout your life.
  • Join professional associations and attend regular meetings.
  • Attend networking events, talk to friends, family, and co-workers about who they know, and seek out alums on LinkedIn to create a strong network.
  • Network with friends, former co-workers, peers, and acquaintances.
  • A good network has a balance of both business and social contacts.
  • Practice networking etiquette: have strong handshakes, give good elevator pitches, remember people’s names, and follow up.


COM Networking Resources

Networking Receptions: COM Career Services hosts events to introduce current students to alumni in their fields. These events will allow students to hear from alumni and networking professionals who will offer them advice, information about certain industries and networking strategies. Each event will also host a reception afterward, where students can meet with alumni and establish valuable industry connections. To stay up to date with our networking events, monitor our events calendar on Handshake and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. If you are a COM alum interested in attending the Networking Reception as an alumni representative, please call (617) 353 -3490.

Career Fairs: COM hosts two career fairs a year and the Center for Career Development located in Yawkey hosts others you can attend. Polish your resume, research companies, iron your business clothes, and come prepared to speak to representatives from companies. Check the Handshake calendar for upcoming fairs and prep workshops.

Maintain Your Network

With LinkedIn, it’s easy to stay up to date with your network. Share updates and keep your experience current. Email contacts periodically—one to two times per year can be enough to maintain a connection—to touch base with the key people in your network. You don’t want to be annoying, just remind people about what you’re doing.

The Difference between Professional and Social Networks

Facebook is a social networking site—not a professional one. You also need to create a professional network to use throughout your career. You may end up with some Facebook friends in your professional network, but do not make the mistake of including those from your professional network as Facebook friends. Some communications professionals use Facebook as a networking tool, but most people see Facebook as a place for friends only.