We at COM Career Services have created a guide on how to best foster your online presence with your LinkedIn profile and your website portfolios. Included are examples, website creation sites, and more.


  • Find a picture: Choose a well-lit photo of you in professional clothing.
  • Create a compelling headline: Don’t just leave it as your current job title. Include keywords. Show your core strengths and where you hope to go in the future.
  • Write an engaging summary: Show who you are and what you really have to offer. Keep it short and include appropriate industry keywords. Include where you’ve been, how you excel, and where you plan to go.
  • Include your work experience and job descriptions: Include any and all employment and write compelling impact statements (don’t just copy from your resume). If you have work samples from any of your positions, attach them as links, photos, or PDFs.
  • Connect and engage: Find people in your industry to connect to. Set up informational interviews to broaden your network. Join and participate in groups. Use the Find Alumni feature to get in touch with alumni in your field.



  • Craft high-level statements about yourself: Write about who you are and show some personality.
  • Showcase your best work: Find your strongest pieces that demonstrate the strengths you’ll need in your chosen career. Include links to anything that’s been published, but edit anything you’ve submitted for school. Include short descriptions about each piece.
  • Write about your experience: Include text and downloadable (PDF) versions of your resume. Keep the text version simple with plenty of keywords to make your page more searchable.