Clips from the Spring 2011 CO201 Memoir Coffee House reading in the COM lounge. Memoirs by Jake Bann, Carmen Guzman, Mia Sommese, and Quinn Boyes. Read all the memoirs.

CO201: Introduction to Communication Writing

If you are an undergraduate student enrolling in the College of Communication—or looking to transfer in—you’ll need to take CO201 Introduction to Communication Writing. CO201 is COM’s core writing course, in which you will learn to become a strong professional writer. With creative assignments geared specifically to different fields of communication, including journalism, television, film, public relations, and advertising, CO201 will give you a feel for the varied formats in the industry, while teaching you to become a versatile, marketable writer—regardless of the field you choose to pursue.

In CO201, you will learn to:

  • Write with clarity, conciseness, precision, and correctness
  • Use narrative, persuasive, and analytical writing techniques
  • Research stories through print and electronic sources
  • Write for multiple audiences
  • Develop a professional voice and style
  • Write for a range of media, including print, film, and online formats

The CO201 instructors are professional writers with experience in print/broadcast journalism, advertising/public relations, and film, as well as composition, rhetoric, and creative writing. They will help you to become a more confident, capable writer, ready to tackle the varied writing assignments you will encounter throughout your career.