Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations

Graduate Degree Requirements

Master of Science in Public Relations

The sequence comprises 12 courses (48 credits) and includes a Master’s Comprehensive Exam. In some cases, students can prepare a thesis or professional project.

There are 7 required courses, 3 public relations electives, and 2 general electives.

Required Courses

Choose One from the Following
Choose One from the Following


Study Abroad

Graduate students in Public Relations, Advertising, Mass Communication and Journalism, or the joint-degree program with International Relations, can opt to finish earlier by taking their third semester in London. Careful planning from the beginning is required. Consult your faculty or academic advisor.

The London Internship Program provides 8 elective credits as well as CM 738, International Marketing Communication (4 cr.) and CM 809, Internship (4 cr.). The elective courses are CM 744, International Media (4 cr.) and CM 745, Comparative Political Systems (4 cr.).

Graduate Internships

Taking a graduate internship in any of the major areas of concentration is recommended as it provides valuable experience and networking opportunities. Registering for COM CM 809: Graduate Internship may allow you to receive course credit for an internship you secure.

Note: Special courses (CM 561 or CM 562) may be used as a public relations elective with advisor and chair approval.

Some courses have prerequisites which are not listed above. All Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations requirements, prerequisites and course descriptions are listed on the Boston University Academics website.