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Energize your career with the Public Relations program that started it all

Alumna Sandra Frazier ('01) evaluates the Public Relations courses she took at BU and explains how they helped prepare her for working in the real world. Frazier is CEO of Tandem Public Relations in Louisville, KY.

Master’s Program in Public Relations



The Master’s Program in Public Relations is a three-semester, 48-credit program developed to recognize that in today’s society, public relations professionals are employed in a wide variety of settings in business, government, and nonprofit organizations. The goal of the curriculum is to educate students for careers in communication-based activities in such organizations. Students are prepared not just for entry-level positions, but for advancement in their selected fields.

Initial courses provide an overview of contemporary public relations, the nature of human communication, and the role of the media. Students then choose at least one area of specialization for more advanced work. They must develop the ability to write clearly and concisely in the formats of contemporary media, addressing specific audience segments. In addition, because public relations is a management function, the curriculum includes courses that provide a professional focus as well as those in theory and research. Students studying public relations will augment their degree by taking electives in the following fields: nonprofit, corporate, and international.

A Summer in London

Master’s students in Public Relations may opt to finish earlier by taking their third semester in London. Careful planning from the beginning is required. Consult your faculty or academic advisor.

The London Internship Program provides 8 elective credits as well as CM 738, International Marketing Communication (4 cr.) and CM 809, Internship (4 cr.). The elective courses are CM 744, International Media (4 cr.) and CM 745, Comparative Political Systems (4 cr.).

PRLab and Internships: Keys to Your Career Success

Graduate students participate in PRLab, the nation’s first student-run public relations agency, to gain real-world, professional experience.  In addition, students are advised to secure a graduate internship in any of the major areas of concentration, as they provide valuable experience and networking opportunities. Registering for COM CM 809: Graduate Internship may allow you to receive course credit for an internship you secure.


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