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PRLab at Boston University

PRLab turns 35

PRLab has been prepping students for the real world since 1978. BU Today takes us behind the scenes.

Founded in 1978, PRLab at Boston University is the nation’s oldest student-run public relations agency. It allows students to gain valuable hands-on experience working in an agency-style setting with a wide variety of clients, ranging from corporations to nonprofit groups, in the greater Boston area. Similar to the structure of an actual PR agency, PRLab’s structure includes account executives, account supervisors, a vice president and a president. Students work on teams that are overseen by a supervisor to complete their client’s objectives. Any student in the College of Communication, who has completed CM301 and CM331 can take PRLab. Students can enroll in PRLab for either two or four credits, which means that they must complete either seven or 14 hours of work per week, respectively. Students can take PRLab as many times as their schedules allow, which allows them to work with many different clients. Students’ work includes drafting PR media materials, branding, conducting media relations, planning major events, creating content, copyediting, compiling research, managing social media and analyzing trends.

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Watch this video for an introduction to BU’s PRLab.