Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations


The MS in Advertising at Boston University is designed to prepare students to work in advertising in agencies, media companies, and other marketing communications organizations. Some will be prepared for doctoral-level studies. All students must take courses that provide a broad understanding of the advertising industry and of the role of communication in contemporary society. Additionally, they will focus on developing advertising campaigns or research skills.

Students may choose one of three tracks: management track, creative track, or thesis track. The management track will prepare students for careers in account management, media, account planning, or advertising research. The creative track will prepare students for careers in art direction or copywriting. The thesis track will prepare students for careers in marketing research or education.

This program is appropriate for students who have earned their undergraduate degrees in fields other than communication. Students who do have undergraduate degrees in communication will also benefit from the opportunity to further master advertising skills. Students who attend the program full time can expect to complete the program in three semesters.