Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations

Undergraduate Concentration in Communication Studies

Students in the communication studies program will obtain a Bachelor of Science in Communication. The curriculum provides students with general communication knowledge, preparing them for careers in media-related professions or for further advanced study. Academic courses stress communication theory, research and law. Professional courses give students marketable skills. Students will gain knowledge of the history of communication and the ability to assess and analyze future trends.

Classroom work is supplemented by internships and participation in AdLab or PR Lab, which are student-run communication agencies. These activities provide on-the-job experience for academic credit. Internships place students in for-profit or non-profit agencies and other settings where they gain practical experience in handling professional communication problems, and where they can develop important personal contacts.

Through academic and professional experience, students learn to select and use contemporary media channels effectively to convey information to target audiences, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

Peter Shankman (CGS’92, COM’94) sits down to talk about the role of social networking in our daily lives and how social networking can lead to a job.