Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations

Joint Degree in International Relations & International Communication

The College of Communication works in conjunction with the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies to provide a rigorous joint degree in International Relations and International Communication. This program prepares students for careers in an international setting working in journalism, mass communication, marketing, public relations, and other media fields. Coursework is split evenly between the Pardee School and the College of Communication.

Classes in communication provide students with concrete career skills in their chosen field (Journalism, Public Relations, Marketing, Global Technology Policy, or Communication Research). IR coursework complements this by enabling students to develop regional or thematic expertise, providing them with the knowledge about and understanding of the international realm that is needed to practice effective international communication.

In the ever more deeply globalized job market of the future, possessing foreign language skills, cultural sensitivities, and a well-honed ability to understand international and transnational organizations, events and issues will provide you with an indelible advantage.

The program includes the opportunity for students to spend a summer studying and interning in London or, for Journalism students, a Fall Semester studying and interning in either London or Washington, DC.

The International Relations & International Communication program is administered by the Pardee School and admission to the program is handled by that school.  For more information, see the Pardee School website or contact the Pardee School at or 617-353-9349.