Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations

Joint Degree in International Relations & International Communication

Our department also works in conjunction with the Department of International Relations to provide a similarly rigorous joint degree in International Relations and International Communication. Students generally plan to take core, required courses from both programs, resulting in eight from each side over a four-semester period. Some students opt to do part of the program by participating in the COM-sponsored Summer London Internship Program, which provides 16 credits and extremely valuable foreign experiences with British and other guest lecturers, and work experience in a British-run firm in the latter half of the summer. The degree program is administered by the International Relations department, and applications should be directed to that department (617-353-2696), not the College of Communication. Should you have further questions about this program, you may contact IR Graduate Program Administrator Michael Williams,

Because so many companies in the various fields of communication and in most other industries now have global partnerships, interests and audiences, opting for this joint degree make you much more versatile and valuable than your counterparts who focus in only one of these two often interrelated disciplines. Having language skills, cultural sensitivities, historical and political acumen and a well-honed ability to understand international and transnational organizations, events and issues are valuable assets in our increasingly interconnected global society. This rigorous program helps you achieve all that and more, and trains you for that unknown future that awaits us all.

For more information, see the Department of International Relations.