Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations

Graduate Degree Requirements

Communication Studies – Master of Science in Mass Communication

The concentration in communication studies is recommended for those who wish to develop their command of general communication strategies and skills—written, oral, and computer-mediated—but who do not want to prepare specifically for the fields of advertising, public relations, or applied research.



General communication strategies and skills are applicable to a variety of professional roles in a number of settings. Individuals who are proficient in these strategies and skills serve as managers in various kinds of organizations, such as nonprofit groups, government agencies, publishing houses, and other commercial, educational, or industrial settings. The concentration also provides a suitable background for those who wish to go on for a more advanced degree in communication. For those wishing a strong foundation in computer-mediated communication, selections from the last four courses listed below are especially recommended.

A degree in Communication Studies requires that students take 6 required courses (listed below), 5 electives and 1 course from the list of concentration electives.

Required Courses

Select One of the Following

Concentration Electives

Some courses have prerequisites which are not listed above. All Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations requirements, prerequisites and course descriptions are listed on the Boston University Academics website.


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