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Graduate Degrees in Mass Communication

The Master of Science degree in Mass Communication is designed for students who want to obtain a background in general communication skills while concentrating in one of two areas: applied communication research or communication studies. These concentrations prepare students either for a variety of positions in media-related professions or for further advanced study.

Graduate Specialties


The Master of Science degree requirements include both professional and academic courses. Professionally oriented courses help students develop specific marketable skills. The academic courses help them understand communication theory, research, and law. Each of these areas provides an important managerial background in a media-related profession. The concentrations enable students to become familiar with the nature and functions of specific communication industries. Students also develop a broad knowledge of the history and structure of media as well as the ability to assess and think critically about future trends that may influence their careers.

COM alumna Alana Feld Hackel (COM ’02) talks about the importance of traditional communication skills in a world where new media is increasingly popular. Feld Hackel is the executive vice president of Feld Entertainment.