Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations

Travis Roy (COM '00), distinguished alumnus, motivational speaker and founder of the Travis Roy Foundation, sits down with current Broadcast Journalism student, Michaela MacDonald (COM '12), to discuss how COM prepared him to become a motivational speaker.

Communication Studies

Meet Our Alumni

  • Jason Binn (’90), Founder & CEO of DuJour Media Group
  • Shauna Brook (’97), Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications at Ermenegildo Zegna
  • Franca Benetton Bertagnin (’90), Director, Edizione Holding S.P.A.
  • Scott Feldman (’90), President/CEO, Two Twelve management and Marketing
  • Ben Sturner (’99), CEO, Leverage Agency

Communication Studies offers students the opportunity to explore communication from a variety of perspectives. Grounded in both the social science and professional approaches to communication, students are prepared for a variety of careers demanding leadership and the ability to confront emerging communication challenges. In addition, the curriculum is ideal for those desiring further advanced studies, both in communication and in other fields (e.g., management, human resources, education). Courses stress communication theory, research, law and policy, and new technologies. Within this structure, students also take professional courses emphasizing marketable skills such as web design and consumer research.

Classroom work can be supplemented by internships and participation in student-run communication agencies (e.g., AdLab, PR Lab). Advanced courses also allow students to study topics such as persuasion, new communication technologies and negotiation. Students obtain rigorous grounding in research and theory, positioning them to deal with rapidly changing developments in communication that require effective leadership, innovation, and execution of creative ideas. Students learn to select and use contemporary media channels wisely to convey information to target audiences, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

As with all COM majors, the curriculum is integrated within a liberal arts approach. The experiences of conducting original research and integrating and applying theory to examine and solve communication problems are hallmarks of the Communication Studies program. Students may supplement their coursework by attending monthly colloquia in which scholars from COM and elsewhere present original research.