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Master’s Program in Mass Communication: Applied Communication Research



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The Master’s Program in Mass Communication with a concentration in Applied Communication Research trains graduate students in marketing communication research methodology and emphasizes an integrated approach that utilizes quantitative and qualitative techniques for solving research problems, reaching meaningful conclusions and making actionable recommendations.

The concentration in applied communication research prepares students to assess client needs and solve client problems using polls, surveys, focus groups, and other research strategies. The skills learned in this concentration prepare the student for a position as a research analyst or research manager in such fields as advertising/marketing, public relations, political campaigning, health communication, and international communication. It combines a command of applied research designs, techniques, and writing skills with a background in one or more major professional fields. This area of occupational specialization offers many lucrative entry-level opportunities and excellent opportunities for advancement. The concentration also provides a research and theory background for those preparing for more advanced study in communication.


For information about the Applied Communication Research Program please contact:
Professor Michael G. Elasmar, Ph.D.