Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations

Graduate Degree Requirements

Master of Science in Advertising


  • 13 courses/52 credits
  • You must also pass a Master’s Comprehensive Exam (Please see COM Bulletin).
  • In the Thesis track, students prepare a thesis or a professional project in lieu of the exam.

Summary of Course Requirements

  • 5 (five) core courses including a two-semester capstone experience involving hands-on work on ad campaigns for actual clients
  • 1 (one) foundation course (choose one of two)
  • 4 (four) concentration courses
  • 3 (three) electives

Five Required Core Courses

One Required Foundation Course

Four Concentration Courses

Choose four (you may take more than four by using electives)

Thesis Track

Four Required Core Courses

Six Required Thesis Track Concentration Courses and Three Electives

In addition, all graduate students will take 3 elective courses. These may be any graduate-level academic course at Boston University.

Some courses have prerequisites which are not listed above. All Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations requirements, prerequisites and course descriptions are listed on the Boston University Academics website.

It is strongly suggested that you consult with your advisor before each registration period. This will help you to follow the curriculum correctly. All curriculum questions should be addressed to your advisor. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all graduation requirements are met.