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With 40 percent growth and $44 billion in total revenue projected by 2015, the boom in digital advertising is riding into the economy like a white horse to rescue the communications industry.

Where would you find a next-generation preview of persuasive communication? How about the students in the top hands-on learning labs?

This is where you combine strategy and creativity. Art and analysis. Branding and social media. All to push boundaries in one of three dynamic fields: Mass Communication, Advertising or Public Relations.

Each concentration gives you a rock-solid foundation and flexible course options preparing you for the hottest emerging career opportunities. As you earn your Bachelor of Science degree in Communication, you’ll learn from top professionals and leaders in communication research. You’ll also develop habits and techniques to continue building on that base. So your education and leadership skills will keep you ahead of the curve.

If you crave action, the Advertising and Public Relations concentrations evolve at warp speed. You’ll learn how to build brands and change attitudes at the intersection of pop culture and commerce.

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The Mass Communication concentration is designed for students interested in related disciplines including digital design, communication theory, research and preparation for advanced studies and educational careers.

All students are encouraged to augment classroom study by taking advantage of our major-market internships for credit. And everyone can earn hands-on experience in the student-run AdLab or PRLab agencies, solving real problems for real clients. The same is true of the department’s student-run website, The COMmunicator.

Looking for a good career staging area? That’s one way to plan a future. Finding the launching pad — with the knowledge, experience, skills and teamwork that set you apart — is quite another.

Do you have what it takes to join one of the world’s largest and most successful alumni networks of professional communicators?