Covering the London Olympics

Front: Megan Happ, Alexandra Orr, Prof. Susan Walker, Brittany Devane and Carolyn Bick. Back: Matt Reed, Yani Carter, Justin Bourke, Marie Torto, Torre Price, Ashley Lisenby, Emily Zendt, Keesa McKoy and Amy Gorel. Not pictured: Casey Rabin.

Our Reporting

Semester at the Summer Olympics 2012

Fourteen BU student journalists are reporting from the London Olympics, covering New England athletes and issues for six US news outlets.

These professional partners will offer online, expanded Olympic coverage from the students’ dispatches, photographs, blogs, video and audio reports and tweets. The Covering the London Olympics program is led by journalism professor Susan Walker and sponsored by the College of Communication and Study Abroad office. Read about our experiences and those of similar programs covering the Olympics in this article on PBS. For more information on this program, read this article in BU Today.

Who We Are


A veteran television news producer and journalism professor, Susan Walker is leading our team of student intern/correspondents. She is looking forward to expanding coverage of New England Olympians and managing BU’s mobile, multimedia newsroom in our 19th century study abroad complex in London.


Matt Reed, Torre Price and Keesa McKoy are spending their summer internships reporting from the London Olympics for the CBS network’s Boston affiliate, WBZ TV and Radio. You can find their work online and on Twitter @WBZLondonEye.


Marie Torto, Megan Happ, Amy Gorel and Emily Zendt are contributing to the online Olympic coverage of The Boston Globe’s site – Their coverage can also be online found on Twitter @BUJOlympics and on our Olympics website.


Casey Rabin, Yani Carter and Alexandra Orr are Olympic correspondents for MetroWest Daily News. You can follow their coverage and latest tweets at @MetroWest_Yani, @MetroWest_Alex, and @MetroWest_Casey.


Justin Bourke and Brittany Devane are contributing Olympic coverage for GoLocal’s Providence and Worcester outlets. Follow them on Twitter at @jbourke41 and @b_devane.


Carolyn Bick and Ashley Lisenby are reporting for WBUR’s blog, Only A Game. Follow them on Twitter @spiritcrepes and @carolynbick.

A Sampling of Our Work

These video reports were produced by the Boston University News Service from London.

Mitt Romney is taking the UK by storm! The Republican Presidential hopeful is spending the day rubbing elbows with the who’s who of British politics. A morning meeting with former Prime Minister Tony Blair. An afternoon meeting with current Prime Minister David Cameron. Thursday evening, a fundraising dinner that costs supporters $25,000 a plate. Friday evening, the former Olympic executive will attend the Opening Ceremonies of the London 2012 Games. But, as we spoke to British bystanders today, we kept getting asked one question: Who’s Mitt? Victoria Price and Matt Reed have this report for WBZ TV and Radio.

What the Olympics Means To…

We asked London natives about the hype surrounding the Olympics.

British Ticket Buyers

Many Brits can’t get tickets to their choice of Olympic events being held in their backyard. The Mason family of St Albans is one example. Olympic event tickets, ranging from about $30 to $3,000, are for sale in rounds, with almost 95% of the applications from hopeful British buyers. The Masons only got tickets to the Olympic handball event; The youngest, 16-year-old Joe, plans to research the sport before going to the Games.

BBC Journalist

What does the Olympics mean to BBC news executive Stephen Mitchell? He predicts he will be more the journalist than the sports fan during the Games. Managing 9,000 BBC TV and radio journalists, Mitchell explained to BU students the sometimes schizophrenic role of working for a network celebrating the Olympics while responsible for reporting what goes wrong. The BBC network will mark a first, by covering all the Olympic events real-time, through live video streaming online and digital channels. Viewers will be able to see coverage when and where they want.

East Ender

This East Ender thinks the Olympics is the best thing that ever happened to his ‘hood. Pepe Martinez grew up in what was a poor, polluted and isolated part of London. Now he’s a proud tour guide and plans to escort one of the top IOC officials during the Games.

Olympics Builder

David Fison is a member of the Olympics Delivery Authority, responsible for building the Olympic venues. Security, transportation, but he is not worried. 75 percent of the Olympic facilities in London will be re-used and the Games are virtually car-less. That is, except for the Queen who is one of the only attendees able to use the only car parking lot.