Sports Reporting Focus

Sports Reporting – Master of Science in Journalism

Sometimes the most engaging writing in a newspaper will appear on the sports pages. Unlike political and international reporting, there’s a bit more latitude given to sports reports, written to entertain as much as to inform. That said, those who enter the field of sports journalism are expected to be fine writers, and careful and accurate reporters, able to combine their avid interest in sports with a deeper and broader understanding of sports in the context of greater society, and to also be aware of sports as a social phenomena and business.

As a result, sports reporters must bring to their craft an ability to appreciate the economics, sociology, psychology and social implications of sports celebrities, teams and events and their impact on local communities, nationally and sometimes internationally. The MS degree concentration in sports reporting is designed to provide students journalistic skills and a deeper understanding of sports in societal context. The concentration is also intended to give students experience working in more than one format. Students are encouraged to use at least one elective to explore other topics from a rich menu of courses offered. Students who focus their MS degree on sports reporting will be required to complete 12 courses (48 credits).

Sports Reporting

If SED PE 710 or COM CM 524 are unavailable, other courses may be substituted via approved petition.

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